About Nedap Security Management

A fresh approach to striving for perfection

Nedap designs solutions to fit customers’ needs rather than offering predefined systems. That’s why our product development is determined not by technology, but by the way it’s used every day. This customer-focused approach lead us to develop the first software-based security management platform – AEOS. It’s the only fully integrated security management solution that combines access control, video management and intrusion detection on one platform.
AEOS is more flexible, future-proof and easier to use than any other security solution. World-renowned companies use it more than 37 million times a day for security and building management and controlling people flow.

Nedap does things differently so you get outstanding products and excellent service. Our developers, for example, sit right next to our helpdesk. They’re immediately on hand to give advice, so if you encounter any problems we can resolve them faster. 

We also have no hierarchy and every employee can contribute to any area of the business. This fosters a very creative, entrepreneurial environment where we’re continually being more inventive. Nedap is full of people who absolutely love their job, and are so enthusiastic about our technology they’ll happily work on developing and improving it long after standard office hours. 

Nedap Headquarters

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Headquarters  Nedap Security Management
Parallelweg 2
7141 DC Groenlo
Tel: +31 (0) 544 471 666
Email: info@nedapsecurity.com

Nedap Great Britain Ltd
1310 Waterside
Reading, Berkshire 
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1189 166820

Our sales network

Nedap has more than 200 business partners and sales offices worldwide specializing in Nedap Security Management products.

Arjan Bouter
Business Development

Interested in working at Nedap? Ready to put entrepreneurship into technology so it really makes a difference?

“We aim to make complex situations simpler for you.”

We do this by applying our technological knowledge intelligently to create practical, easy-to-use products and services. Since 1929, we’ve been making life easier for a range of sectors, including security, energy, water, food and healthcare.

“We hope you’ll enjoy working with us too!”

Because we’ll:

  • always listen very carefully to understand what you really need and give well-considered advice
  • enable you to take advantage of our vast amount of technical expertise and industry knowledge 
  • not stop working on your security system until you’re totally satisfied with it