AEOS end-to-end security

Bringing IT best practices to physical security

Often, companies don’t view access control systems as IT systems connected to a network. So the security principles used in IT haven’t yet been imposed on physical access control systems. This oversight leaves these companies vulnerable to cyber attacks that can have a dramatic impact.

Nedap has developed a robust solution. By applying the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication used in IT, it achieves secure communication between and storage in all elements of the AEOS access control system. This increases security from end-to-end, and enables instant recovery if keys are compromised.

Protection against physical and digital threats

The unique solution offers storage of both DESFire keys and digital certificates  in a Secure Access Module inside door controllers. This ensures that all elements of the access control systems can be trusted and communication between all elements of the system is secured. Consequently, high levels of protection against both physical and digital threats is achieved. This is, it requires much more efforts for hackers to obtain DESFire keys. Moreover, strong authentication ensures that door controllers cannot be replaced by manipulated ones and it is impossible to connect alien devices to the network and send commands to door controllers. Combined storage of DESFire keys and digital certificates in the SAM enables instant recovery when keys have been compromised. Incidents will not go unnoticed and AEOS allows to securely update keys when they have been compromised without the need to physically attend each card reader.