Global Client Programme

Benefits of standardisation

Controlling identified risks at all of your sites, anywhere in the world, can be difficult. Standardising your physical security solution, though, will minimise risk and guarantees compliance. A standardised physical security platform will facilitate the establishment of a truly global security policy upheld by unified processes and procedures. From a technology perspective, this allows the same card technology and field equipment to be used across all sites. It enables your IT infrastructure, server environment, security platform and management application to be centralised and standardised. You will benefit from both economies of scale and the efficiencies of a consistent approach.

Maximise your investments

We know the implementation of a standardised security solution across all of your sites is a complex process. As it involves a large project spanning many years and involving many stakeholders, it demands a high level of project management. In the absence of a structured program with defined guidelines, a global security rollout is likely to be a stressful execution. That is why we have setup a carefully designed Global Client Programme. With the experience to guide and align global projects, Nedap takes full responsibility throughout the duration of the programme. The Programme facilitates and governs the entire implementation process enabling you to get the most out of your investment in the AEOS platform.

Martin Wijlens
Business Development

Streamline global delivery

To streamline the entire implementation of your global security solution we will formulate a clear plan. This plan supports the rollout of your global physical security system in conjunction with the implementation of your centralised global server. To ensure you will stay on time and budget throughout the entire programme, a timeline and deliverables and milestones for each phase of the programme are defined. The execution of the defined plan, then involves the following phases:  

1. Build

  • Technical stream: The central AEOS server and database architecture are defined and delivered.
  • Rollout stream: Our carefully considered framework will allow you to benefit from standardised tooling, guidelines and templates. Based on proven IT industry best practice methodologies, it is designed to guide, align and control the global roll out of the physical aspects of a security system.

2. Pilot

The global AEOS environment and deliverables are tested and adjusted prior to deployment on a larger scale.

3. Rollout

Local implementation is executed via a network of partners consisting of local system integrators and installation companies. We control the implementation by checking local compliance against the deployment framework.

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