End-to-end security helps customers to secure their network

Monday 3 July 2017

Since AEOS 3.3 we support end-to-end to help our customers protect their security system against Cyber Attacks as well as against attackers using controllers in spreading malware to other systems in the client’s network. This is a hot topic and the potential damage of cyber threats is immense.

This video answers the main question “What do you need to take into account for an access control system that offers maximum security?

It also answers the following four why’s:

  • Why is storing card keys in readers unsafe? Our solution: store them in the controller.
  • Why is storing keys in the controller's software unsafe? Our solution: store them in a SAM (Secure Access Module).
  • Why are systems vulnerable to cyber threats? Our solution: digital certificate for authentication of controllers.
  • Why is updating keys and certificates for each controller locally not the best choice? Our solution: SAM management system.

Please contact our  security specialists if you need more information about AEOS end-to-end security.