Achieve far better security & efficiency with AEOS gate control

“We’ve got much better control of passenger flow with far fewer gate staff.”

A centralised gate network

AEOS gate control allows you to significantly improve your airport’s security and efficiency. It puts your existing gate control equipment onto a network, which you manage centrally, saving time and enabling you to operate gates more easily with fewer personnel. With access control and video monitoring on one system you always have a clear picture of what’s happening, or has happened, at an airport and can react to events quickly. This centralised control also enables you to easily prevent passengers from Schengen and non-Schengen countries becoming mixed and so, in the worst case, the airport needing to be evacuated.

Increased security

As passengers often leave airport zones through sliding doors, this can, without the right system, allow unauthorised people to enter the zone. AEOS prevents this with perimetric control. If someone walks through a door the wrong way, your control room receives a visual and acoustic signal. As well as controlling passenger streams, AEOS also enables you to control and monitor employee and subcontractor access to your airport’s landside and airside. You can use a range of verification methods, including personal access cards, biometrics and video. Also, AEOS links to your HR system. So each person’s access authorisations are updated automatically if, for example, they leave your company or change role.

Daryn Flynn
Business Development
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Securing and controlling a dynamic environment requires a flexible access control system, based on state of the art technology which is able to meet present demands as well as future security requirements.

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To comply with the highest standards of airport security, an important German airport is improving its security measures. Next step in the process is the installation of video surveillance.