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The world's smartest security solution

AEOS is the first software-based security management platform. We recognised that, as the demands for security systems become more complex, they need to become easier to adjust. AEOS, which we developed in-house, uses generic controllers. Via our software, AEOS controllers can accommodate functionality for access control, intrusion detection, video management and locker management. So you have one truly integrated, flexible platform instead of drivers linking separate servers and systems.

This makes AEOS extremely flexible, future-proof and easier to use than any other security solution. You can use any type or brand of hardware – whether it’s your existing security equipment or new additions. And, with a choice of more than 150 functionalities, each determined by our software components, you can quickly set up and adjust your system to suit each building, location and situation.

A truly integrated security management platform

Nedap feels that customers should have a security solution with which they can respond adequately and rapidly to security risks. The complexity and costs of a system often increase proportionately as an organisation grows. With AEOS, Nedap is offering an answer to this integration challenge.

AEOS is the integral security management platform, based on open IT standards. This means that you can easily  integrate existing hardware  and  systems  in AEOS. This ensures that previous investments are preserved. And after implementation it is also possible to add any type or brand of hardware which complies with open standards. From IP cameras to storage media, card readers and intercoms.

With AEOS, only 1 integrated platform need to be maintained. That means lower costs. And if something changes, complex updates on various controllers, servers and expensive integrations are unnecessary. This ensures that integrations in AEOS offer added value for the customer.

“AEOS takes a totally different approach to security management. Being software-based, it’s easy to keep your system constantly up-to-date.”

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Save money now and in the future with AEOS.

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So adaptable it will always suit you.

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AEOS makes the complex very simple for everyone.