Take control centrally

With AEOS, authorisations are allocated to people not cards – making it the easiest of access control systems to manage. You configure everyone’s profile centrally and their cards update automatically. Set authorisations however you wish for everyone, from employees to visitors, suppliers, contractors and even vehicles. You can use pre-defined factors such as department, function, shift or country. And you can easily set up individual authorisations for the short or long-term. You’ll save days in administration time and there’ll be far fewer mistakes. 

If your needs change, you can easily adapt your AEOS access control system. Everything’s managed via the software, including adding extra functionality – whether you want to start controlling access to printers or lifts or set up professional visitor management. We’ve been investing in our AEOS platform for years and will continue to do so. There’s a wide range of functionalities and it’s always kept up-to-date and new AEOS software is introduced regularly. You can quickly update or reconfigure your platform with a few clicks of a mouse, and easily add more functionalities such as intrusion detection, video management and locker management. 

“We no longer have complicated key control - just one card per person.”
Left with background

“When we needed a new access control system, we were able to use all our existing card readers with AEOS.”

AEOS is based on open IT standards. So, whatever existing IT and security infrastructure you have, AEOS will work with it. You can easily integrate your card readers and other equipment, increasing the longevity of your previous investments and avoiding the need to buy new hardware.

“We need a platform flexible enough to cope with huge user numbers, many international sites and varying access requirements. AEOS does that.”

AEOS access control supports every type of identification and verification, from cards to biometry. You can use it to control access to doors, gates, lifts, printers and more. And you can activate a range of access rules, such as anti-pass-back to prevent two people entering using the same card, or the four-eye principle to ensure there’s always more than one person present. With unlimited scalability in identification and verification methods, user numbers and functionality, it’s the most flexible of access control solutions.

“If employees change department or location, their access rights change automatically.”

AEOS access control systems enable you to easily keep everyone’s cards up-to-date, saving administration time, user frustration and security breaches. If a whole department changes location, for example, you don’t need to change everyone’s profile individually. You update the access rights template for the department centrally, and each person’s card updates automatically. Everything’s managed via an intuitive web interface that’s really easy to use.

“A criminal who succeeds in gaining entry to a building or system can cause significant damage. That’s why the AEOS security management platform is fully equipped to cope with the security requirements of the future.”