Easy to manage, however large your premises

Unlike most detection platforms, our AEOS intrusion system allows you to add an unlimited number of users, zones and areas to your security infrastructure. No matter how large your organisation, you can divide it into as many detection zones as you like to keep monitoring manageable and effective. If your needs change and you need to add more zones or alter your set-up, you can do that easily and quickly.

With an AEOS intruder detection system you can easily add video management and access control onto the same platform. So you get a full overview of any incident and can react faster and more accurately. If an alarm occurs, you can instantly see who was in the area and who gained access nearby. This synchronisation of functionality reduces the number of false alarms too; while an employee’s activating your AEOS intrusion system, the access control functionality locks all doors so no one can trigger the alarm accidentally. 

René Waenink
Research & Development
“Obviously, you don’t want to cancel a concert because the guitar of Eric Clapton was stolen.”

“We’d already had lots of security hardware. AEOS has allowed us to prolong the use of these investments.”

AEOS is based on open IT standards. So you can integrate your current intrusion system into a new platform and retain your past investments. You can also make further cost savings by adding all your premises onto one intruder detection system. And you’ll save money on hardware, management and maintenance by having intrusion detection, access control and video management on one unified platform.

“We have the capacity to easily manage unlimited numbers of users and locations.”

AEOS’s ability to handle an unlimited number of zones, areas and authorised users really sets it apart from other intrusion systems. You can design your system exactly how you want, whatever the size and international spread of your premises. Everything is controlled and stored centrally, from detector set-ups and incidents to authorisations for enabling and disabling alarms. And, because AEOS operates on a network, you can easily add intrusion detection to your system anywhere in the world.

“I can interpret events quickly and make fast, accurate decisions.”

When an alarm occurs, a graphical display on your AEOS web interface shows exactly where the alarm occurred. If you have AEOS access control and video management, it also shows who entered or left the area and which camera is closest to the alarm and pointing in the right direction. You can instantly see recordings from when the alarm occurred, as well as viewing real-time footage. Armed with all of this information, you can quickly decide what action to take.

“Whether used as a stand-alone application or integrated into an existing AEOS security system, AEOS Intrusion has great benefits.”