One card gives access to everything

One card, no key management

Our locker management solution enables your personnel to use just one card to lock and open all kinds of compartments, such as lockers, cabinets, laptop cases and postboxes. You can also give a set group of people access to a specific locker or cabinet, for example one containing confidential HR or financial records. Instead of having a key per compartment, you simply set what each person has access to via simple web-based software. These authorisations are then immediately available on their card. Administration time is reduced dramatically with no physical keys to issue or replace.

Save space and costs

Our electronic locker system enables you to save space and money by having up to 50% fewer lockers. Rather than having a permanent locker per person, you can allocate lockers dynamically, limit access to certain times and give only certain people permanent or extended access to specific lockers. Because you can monitor the usage, you can quickly make changes to authorisations to ensure your storage space is used effectively. You can check who has opened which compartment when. Having a tamper sensor and alarm on each compartment, significantly improves security levels over standard locker systems.

Frank ter Kuile
“Nedap's lockers allow everybody within Getronics to comply with the clean desk policy.”

The key to secure access

Find out just how easy to use Nedap's electronic locker management solution is. Just one card gives access to all lockable components, such as lockers, filing cabinets and post-boxes and puts an end to time-consuming and expensive key-management.

Nedap Locker Management systems are also used by schools, universities, libraries and other flexible working environments. Curious to discover how Nedap Locker Management systems can be applied in your business?

“I have 1600 employees, but space for only 500 lockers.”

As our locker management solution enables you to use your lockers much more efficiently, you will need fewer in total, saving money on space and equipment. Running, management and maintenance costs are reduced too. Power consumption is low so energy costs are low. And there’s no need to issue or replace keys or batteries, which, combined with simple, central control, means management time is minimised. A hospital in Holland already discovered how Nedap's electronic locks saved space. After a renovation, they only had space left for 500 lockers. But how could they serve 1600 employees with that? Nedap was able to solve this problem with flexlockers.

“We have complete flexibility to set and adjust access rights as we wish.”

Our electronic locker system enables you to quickly configure and update access authorisations centrally according to the compartment, person, time and circumstances. The same card for gaining access to sites, buildings and rooms can be used for access to lockable compartments. A university in England even chose to secure their valuable laptop-lockers with our solution. And also was able to loan them out to students 24 hours per day, from different locations. By applying Nedap's electronic locks, students can help themselves, saving the school expenses on staff.


“It’s simple for us to manage and easy for our employees to use.”

Our locker management system makes it easy for you to manage lockable compartments and convenient for your people to use them. A red/green LED shows people which are available. To lock and unlock them, they simply hold their access card, for example a Mifare Desfire card, in front of the lock. You can manage all your electronic locks centrally via your intuitive web interface. And you can quickly see where there’s a shortage of lockers, where compartments are available and who’s been accessing them. A Dutch municipality also found out just how convenient the management of lockers on multiple locations can be.

One pass to access the building as well as the lockers

Sanoma has been working with Nedap's security platform AEOS for nine years. For their new building in Mechelen, they decided to choose for AEOS again to provide their access control and videomanagement solution. Because the building has space for only 550 desks for 700 people, they also looked for a solution for flexible lockers, in which employees could store their personal belongings safely, using the same access badge as for the building. So they chose to add on Nedap's electronic locker management system on their existing AEOS platform. Very practical!

Secure, keyless drug storage

Before, all of the 65 nurses owned mechanical keys to the 16 cupboards in the ITU ward. In a busy environment like Darent Valley hospital ITU, the cupboards are sometimes opened 100 times a day. The locks wore out regularly and consequently the nurses bent or broke their keys all the time. Patient safety always comes first, and the hospital needed to be confident that the cupboards were secure at all times. The hospital also had to comply with the national NHS policy to securely store the drugs. That’s where Nedap came in.

Ross Bale

“Our system is available for small start ups with just a few lockers and large multinationals with a lot of lockers on multiple locations.”