Faster reactions from a detailed view

Our AEOS video management system gives you access to live and recorded footage via any web browser. Combine it with our intrusion detection and access control functionality and you can instantly see recordings from when an incident occurred, plus real-time footage and details of who’s entered and left the area. So you can make fast, accurate decisions about what action to take. AEOS is based on open standards and complies with ONVIF specifications, so you can use your existing cameras and storage media and don’t need separate drivers for each piece of equipment.

A multi-functional video management system, it enables you to perform other activities beyond IP video surveillance. The guard tour component, for example, allows you to set access rules for guards checking alarm detectors, improving their safety and your security. You can also combine video with intercom and access control to increase entrance security. 

“We had the freedom to choose any type of camera and storage medium.”

“We saved money with AEOS by using our existing storage media and being free to use any IP cameras.”

As AEOS is built on open standards, you can use any IP cameras on our platform. You don’t need cabling, external drivers or specific digital or network video recorders. And you can save footage on standard storage media, such as a NAS or SAN server. There are no limits to the number of cameras or storage media you can add. So you can expand your IP surveillance as much as you wish, even across the world, without having to invest in new systems.

“There are no limits on the number of cameras or users or the amount of footage stored.”

Our AEOS video management system gives you an unlimited capacity to store recordings centrally or locally. You can also add as many IP cameras as you like to get your surveillance exactly right. And there are no limits on how many people can look at and control the footage, so you can organise how you manage things to suit you.

“I instantly have a clear picture of what’s happened before, during and after an incident.”

However many locations you’re monitoring, AEOS gives a clear overview of your entire organisation. All information relating to video management, intrusion detection and access control is stored on one database and viewed on one web-based application. Not only can you access all details relevant to an incident quickly via any web browser, AEOS enables 97% of your screen to be used for video, so you get a detailed view.