Background and motivation for this research

To understand more clearly the access control challenges of multinational enterprise companies around the world, we’ve been benchmark researching using third party market research conducted by The Blue Hour, since 2017.

In 2020, we took our research one step further to see if we could find conclusive data to see how access control could help organizations improve their business processes. In short, we wanted to learn how access control adds value to business for multinational companies—especially given the current pace of technology.

To date, we have conclusive insights into the current and future landscape of access control. But we continue our search for knowledge and thank you for your interest in being a part of our research efforts.

This survey is anonymous so you can rest assured that your open feedback will be handled with confidentiality.


Brochure – Benchmark report

Topics covered

  • Conversation around centralised versus decentralized access control
  • Possibilities to future-proof access control
  • Optimization of authorization processes
  • Management of increased mobility in changing workspaces
  • Third party integrations of today and tomorrow

About your participation

Once you have completed the benchmark survey, we will provide you with the current report. You can then compare yourself with other, anonymous participants. The benchmark report will be presented and explained to you by a Nedap Security Management specialist during a personal appointment.


Personal appointment

Receive a personal presentation of the benchmark report at
your premises, by one of our specialists.


Benchmark results

Our specialist will review the benchmark report with your responses and those of your peers.


Periodic updates

Choose to receive regular updates on the results of our benchmark research, including our annual benchmark report.