Background and motivation for this research

Multinationals are active on all continents. Activity on multiple continents in the area of access control involves various challenges and bottlenecks. To get insights into what multinationals see as the bottlenecks and challenges regarding access control, Nedap started a benchmark research early 2017.

Starting 2020, Nedap wants to take her research a step further. Nedap has now mapped out what the bottlenecks and challenges are. While conducting the previous research, new questions arises; “What is the added value of access control?”. How can access control help organizations to improve their business processes?

Nedap has seen that access control is now only used to know who accessed your organization, but it can be used to add value to the business. For instance, access control can be used to ensure a certain amount of hospitality for your visitors or to make sure that your employees only have access to areas where they are authorized for.

To get insight into what multinationals see as added value of access control, Nedap has started this renewed benchmark research. For this reason, we would like to invite leading organizations to participate in our research.




Interesting topics we cover are:

  • Are current access control systems future-proof?
  • In what way can authorization processes be optimized?
  • How are visitors being managed?
  • What third party integrations are important to integrate with?

Benefits of participating


Personal appointment

You will get a personal presentation of the benchmark report by our specialist at your premises.


Benchmark yourself with your peers

The specialist will hand over the benchmark report with your answers and the answers of your peers.


Periodical updates

If you wish you will receive regular updates on the results of our benchmark research.

About your participation

If you fill in the online survey we will provide you with the benchmark report, which will enable you to easily compare yourself with other, anonymous participants. The benchmark report will be presented and explained to you by a Nedap Security specialist during a personal appointment.