It’s increasingly common to hear of organisations being hacked – their ICT security simply not up to the job. On the back of such incidents, it’s worth considering whether your organisation could be hacked too.

Security awareness

The reason for a system being open to hacking is often a combination of a lack of digital and physical security and patchwork security awareness. Unfortunately, this can make your company and any sensitive information it holds vulnerable.

Security awareness is often not top of mind as many consider providing access to be more important than controlling access. As a result, most security managers view a physical access control system that allows doors to open and close with an access pass as satisfactory.

Hacking incidents show, however, that simple systems are vulnerable now that organisations face new risks. A physical access control system just provides physical security and prevents people entering spaces where they’re not allowed. These days, organisations also face increasingly more cyber threats in which hackers attempt to enter organisations via their IT systems.

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IT departments anticipate such new threats by securing networks and systems with encryption and authentication certificates. But access control systems are often left vulnerable to hacking because people don’t see access control systems as IT systems.

Investing in access control

It seems counterproductive to invest in an access control system to secure an organisation, but then not secure that system. An access control system shouldn’t be the weakest link, providing hackers access to all sorts of confidential information. So it’s vital to consider the security of your access control system by bringing logical and physical security together.

It can be difficult to switch immediately to a new, preferably end-to-end access control system, but you can go for a phased transition by starting with an encrypted door controller.

If you’re concerned about the security of your security system, we recommend first looking at the abilities and inabilities of your current access control systems and logging the risks they present. And we recommend doing this in collaboration with IT colleagues.

The security of your access control system should take precedence so it doesn’t turn out to be the open door that hackers use to breach your network and access sensitive data.

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