The facts and figures


ZATCA is responsible for collecting Zakat, taxes, and customs duties in Saudi Arabia. It also controls the security of all land and seaports in the Kingdom, protecting 21 ports, plus offices and other buildings, spread across 39 cities. Its aim is to support the Kingdom in providing a global logistics hub by promoting trade and maintaining national security.


Centralised control


Best-of-breed integrations


Security for multiple locations

The challenge

State-of-the-art security

ZATCA wanted to increase the security of all Saudia Arabia’s land ports and upgrade them to state-of-the-art smart ports. It was looking to implement a unified access control platform across all locations. And a key requirement was a futureproof, scalable solution based on open standards that would enable adaptations, integrations, updates and growth as their needs change and technologies evolve.


Flexible, centralised control

Centralised, integrated management

They chose to implement AEOS access control, which allows them to centralise all sites on one system. This makes it straightforward to add new sites, buildings, users, cardholders and functionalities across the Kingdom. AEOS also allows easy integration of other systems, such as biometrics, video management, physical security information management, long-range RFID readers and time and attendance monitoring.

Key benefits

Increased security and improved convenience

  • Stronger security through endless integration options.
  • Centralised control and remote management via a web-based browser.
  • Each user can tailor their interface to suit their role and preferences.
  • Flexibility to easily make future changes.
  • Expert technical support across planning and implementation.
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