AEOS & Biometric integration

Important environments require secure measures. AEOS integrates with a multitude of biometric systems to cover these needs. With biometric integrations, one single system can serve both the enrolment and verification of biometric parameters and the storage, data backup and multi-site functionality of biometric IDs.

About recogtech

Recogtech was the first company in the world to use Fujitsu’s PalmSecure palm reader to create an effective access control solution based on recognition of the vein pattern in the hand. Recogtech has since acquired an excellent reputation in the field of biometric security in the Netherlands and abroad. Our solutions are used by governments and justice systems, by banks and hospitals, but also, for example, by multinationals with exacting demands when it comes to the security level and convenience of their access and identification systems.

Integrating Palm-ID with AEOS

We integrated the Palm-ID, into AEOS. Instead of using two software programs. Now you only need to put the information in AEOS.

After a positive identification, the Palm-ID will send out the information to the AEOS controller.

Integrating Palm-ID-Card with AEOS

The Palm-ID card has no connection to the network and uses no database. Biometric enrolment will be done on card. The Palm-ID card matches the biometric template on the personal card. After a positive verification, the ID number will be send to AEOS.

This has been designed to protect the privacy of the user combined with the highest level of security. It works stand alone, is compliant to GDPR and added regulations per country.

  • Palmvein biometrics valuated on the EER (Equal Error Rate). The highest security with the lowest error margin.
  • The vein pattern will be directly encrypted before storage.
  • The integration offers an great advantage to use biometrics without compromising the speed of the AEOS system even with a large number of users.
  • Easy to enroll and easy to use
  • Can be used inside and outside.
  • Palm-ID card uses 3 processor technology on a need to know base.
  • Desfire technology and suitable for global usage.
Solution name Palm-ID
Solution availability Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Westerne Europe, Northern Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America
Product languages English
Compatible with AEOS version 3.4 and higher

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