Managing Physical Security During the Pandemic

At Security Connect, we will focus on the best practices which can help organizations meet physical security requirements, maintain healthy building compliance, ensure business continuity and employee safety which is critical for pandemic responses.

Over the years, Nedap’s partnership with Idemia has evolved to deliver the latest in physical security solutions, efficiently meeting needs of our clients with advances in AI & Biometric Security. With Security Connect, we aspire to showcase our strengths and experiences of our esteemed clientele who invest their trust in us for many years now.

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AEOS Unified platform

Over the last 20Years, Nedap has continued to develop AEOS around the needs of those using it and giving people freedom to make the most of life. AEOS is based entirely on open standards, ensuring your system can be tailored to your specific needs and is future proof. AEOS is an adaptive access control platform which can be can be easily adapted to respond to your changing needs and risks – both functionally and operationally.

From HR integrations to Biometrics and from VMS to intrusion detection, with AEOS, possibilities are endless.

Idemia Biometric devices

IDEMIA is the world leader of biometrics for access control, with 25+ years experience in that domain and thousands of projects deployed throughout the world.

Our field-proven range of biometric terminals based on fingerprint scanning (Sigma, MorphoWave) and facial recognition (VisionPass), provide the market’s best accuracy and user experience, with unmatched quality and reliability. Our terminals are fully integrated with Nedap’s AEOS platform as well as most gates/turnstiles vendors, enabling smoother project deployments.

MorphoWave Compact by IDEMIA with hand wave movement