Nedap at IFSEC 2019 – a recap of the highlights

If you couldn’t make it to IFSEC 2019, or didn’t get chance to see us at our stand, here’s a quick summary of the key topics we covered. Want more details or want to share your security challenges with us? We’d love to hear from you – our contact details are at the bottom.

A word from the stand

Visitors to our IFSEC 2019 stand were able to use augmented reality to learn about:

Ruben Brinkman, responsible for our technology partner programme, picks up on a couple of these areas in his overview below.

AEOS technology partners

One of the most exciting things for us at IFSEC this year was how many potential technology partners came to talk to us, and how keen they are to begin working with us. As our name is really growing in the security market, more technology partners than ever are willing to invest the time and resources in building a relationship with us. Which means we’ll be able to offer even more features and added value to the end users of AEOS access control.

Video management

From the conversations I had at IFSEC, video management is growing in importance for end customers and the number of implementations is increasing too. So we’ll be working hard to maintain and build strong strategic relationships with VMS manufacturers.

Facial recognition

The adoption rate for facial recognition modules also seems to be growing exponentially and is increasingly being used for access control purposes. AnyVision has just received a 30 million USD backing from Microsoft and has already sold its technology to a large customer of ours. We’re now investigating how to bring this technology into our biometric portfolio for AEOS.

End-to-end security

Another aspect of AEOS that’s growing in importance for us is the fact we offer end-to-end security to protect your access control against cyber crime. We’re leading the field with this, and one large channel partner began working with us specifically because of our end-to-end solution and the extra value it offers its customers.

Excellent improvements in the latest AEOS release

Visitors to our IFSEC stand learned about the major performance increases and great new functionality that come with the latest release of our AEOS access control system.

One of the key improvements is a streamlined new dashboard that’s designed to increase security, usability and speed.

Find out more about this and other significant improvements in AEOS 2019.1 here and here.

Nedap is a GIT Security Award finalist

Just before we headed to IFSEC, we received the news that our Global Client Programme is in the final of this year’s GIT Security Awards. A project rollout system managed by Nedap, the Global Client Programme is a cost-effective, efficient framework for standardising security across all your buildings. Large, renowned companies are using it to easily implement, maintain and update AEOS access control across multiple international sites.

Jasper Sterenberg, team lead on Nedap’s global accounts says: “We’re seeing how crucial our Global Client Programme is for multinationals that want to minimise risk and standardise their access control internationally, but need to do so efficiently. It helps to turn what can be a very complex process into a commercial opportunity, and is a great example of our ‘Security for life’ philosophy. It gives organisations and their people the freedom and safety to make the most of each day and to increase both productivity and fulfilment.”

If you’d like to vote for our Global Client Programme, which has been put forward for GIT’s Safety & Security Management, Services & Solutions award, you can do so at until 23 August 2019. Thank you in advance!

We also have some blogs that share more about the implementation of the Global Client Programme and the commercial benefits it offers.

What’s your security challenge?

Many visitors to our stand shared their security challenges with our experts and got great advice in return. Even though IFSEC is over, you’re still welcome to tell us your challenges and our experts will respond with advice.

You can also visit this page to find whitepapers on common security challenges, which include:

  • Selecting the right access control
  • Migrating to new access control
  • Unifying access control internationally

We develop our products and services around those who use them, so we’re always interested to know what you’re up against and how we can help.

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Timon Padberg
Timon Padberg