Physical Access Control for Government and Defence

Access control for the government and defence sector is a challenging balance. Threats to some locations could have serious implications, including severe economic damage, social disruption or even loss of life, so security needs to be incredibly robust. You want a system that meets the newest security policies. On the other hand, many sites are open to the general public and so need to feel welcoming while also remaining safe and secure.

Nedap access control

Typical access control needs

  • Flexible security levels for different people, places and scenarios.
  • Automatic authorisation management for complex access rights.
  • Enforce strict procedures and enable transparent auditing.
  • Easy integration with other systems.
  • Remote, centralised control for locations around the world.

Key access control challenges for the government and defence sectors

Highly safe and secure, but with a warm welcome

For some zones, rooms and cabinets, you need the highest levels of safety and security. But for others, you need lower levels. You need to meet stringent regulations, manage complex authorisations and implement policies that vary according to the time, day, person and situation. And you must do all of this without affecting the activities of staff or visitors or invading their privacy.

You also need to ensure your access control system itself is robust and well protected from potential threats, including cyberattacks. It needs end-to-end protection and must be kept continually up to date so it supports the latest technologies, functionality and, most importantly, security features.


Centralised control with lots of adaptability

You want to manage and monitor access control centrally and implement a uniform security policy across your buildings and sites. But you want each location to have the freedom to make adaptations to meet their specific needs.

You also want to be able to use one card for multiple departments, sites and applications, while maintaining control of what each individual is authorised to use their card for. And, although you want to install a centralised system, you don’t want the expense of installing new cabling and hardware.


Easy to integrate and scale

To help keep security and safety standards high, you want to integrate systems such as intrusion detection, video management and fire alarms with your access control system. And, to maximise its value and increase efficiency, you want to integrate visitor management, parking and lift systems, locker management, your HR database and more.

As it’s difficult to tell what your future needs or risks may be, you need to be sure you can easily extend your system – adding more doors, users, locations and cardholders, and integrating more systems.

How AEOS helps you meet these challenges

Highly safe and secure

  • Approved by the UK’s CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure).
  • Approved by Rijkspas, The Netherlands.
  • Approved by ANSSI(Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information), France.
  • Meets the GOVPASS standard.
  • Manage complex access rights and authorisations quickly, easily and securely.
  • Predefine access modes for an unlimited variety of scenarios and switch to the one you need in seconds.
  • Enforce policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with strict regulations and legislation.

Flexible & futureproof

  • Highly adaptable, both functionally and operationally, to meet your changing needs and risks.
  • Works with existing cabling, and hardware from a wide range of manufacturers.
  • Software updates ensure support for the latest technologies, features and security.
  • Standardised security at every location around the world, but with the flexibility to make local adaptations.

Unlimited integrations & scalability

  • Open architecture enables easy integration with IT infrastructure and third-party security systems.
  • Connects to a wide variety of systems, including visitor, locker and building management, video surveillance, intruder detection, fire alarms, biometric identification and more.
  • Automatic authorisation updates through integration with systems such as your HR database.
  • A fully scalable system that easily grows without slowing down.

Centralised control

Control access rights remotely and monitor all locations centrally.

Easy reporting and auditing

Produce detailed or top-level reports quickly, or even automatically, on specific queries or incidents.


Secured by the highest standards to protect your access control from the impact of cyberattacks.

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