About Ava Security

Ava Security is a global technology company founded in 2016 to create a better, smarter way to deliver security. Ava protects people, property, and data anywhere. Innovative companies worldwide use Ava Reveal™ for human-centric data loss protection and Ava Aware Cloud™ for video security and analytics.

About the integration

The integration between the Ava Aware Cloud™ intelligent video management system (VMS) and Nedap’s AEOS physical access control provide the simplicity, security, and power needed for proactive physical security. By enabling the 24/7 video monitoring of access control events as they happen, Ava Security’s powerful AI analytics gives security professionals what they need to act: usable, precise data, delivered instantly, whether from a video security stream, or Nedap’s card readers, door controllers, or intrusion components.

  • Proactive security
    Understand perimeters and behaviors, perform anomaly detection, identify and track people of interest and objects, including authorized and non-authorized badges and intrusion events.
  • Enhanced insights
    Occupancy counting and heatmaps help operators and facility managers monitor and control traffic flow, congestions, dwell times, and more.
  • Investigate smarter and faster
    Security teams can find events and people quickly and reduce the burden of manually reviewing massive amounts of footage.
  • Actionable intelligence
    The real-time notifications give operators a full picture of the access control events, including the footage, name of the badge holder, the image on the credential, and the exact location.
Solution name  Ava video security systems 4.1 and up
Compatible partner products AEOS version 3.4 or higher
Supported regions Eastern-Europe, Northern-Europe, Southern-Europe, Western-Europe, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, North America & South America
Product languages English

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