Delight both your employees and your security administrators

Achieve that next-level future-proofing you need. Let Nedap Mobile Access give your people one less thing to worry about, whether that’s carrying around a physical badge or managing credentials on the back end.

Flexibility and scalability is always at your fingertips through your mobile devices.

Keeping up with a work-lifestyle in a mobile-first future

Nedap Mobile Access offers you the highest security standards, plus, the answer to nailing your seamless employee experience. It’s what your people deserve—mobile technology that works for them and not the other way around. Whether it’s getting in and out or around your workspace, the mobile access experience fits into every scenario of your day-to-day.

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We’re super excited to help organisations implement smooth secure access with Nedap Mobile Access, starting with our own.

The people at Nedap are just as much users as they are developers of Nedap Mobile Access.

Maikel Coenen
Maikel Coenen, Technology Lead
Nedap Security Management

Implementing Employee Badge in Apple Wallet has resulted in a seamless and powerful experience for our employees.

Who knew Nedap Mobile Access was exactly what Nedap Security Management needed? We knew…

Marcel von D
Marcel van Domburgh, Project Manager
Nedap Security Management
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Why choose Nedap Mobile Access


Easy evolution

Let’s be real. We use our mobile devices more and more every day. Using them as mobile passes can take convenience to the next level for you, and your people. You can add a mobile pass easily to your Wallet, at a time and place that suits you best.

Better security

Protect your mobile passes with the built-in privacy and security features of your mobile devices. Now, you can finally put an end to badge-sharing with mobile access powered by Nedap, a trusted partner in access control for 45+ years. Just ask us how.


More about security

Efficient management

Easy badge deployment that’s distributed straight to the digital wallet and managed remotely, without requiring additional apps or platforms. New branding for your organisation? No problem! There’s no need to replace physical badges anymore.

Nedap Mobile Access – Apple Wallet-2

Access, instantly. On all your Apple devices.

Employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch allow your staff and visitors to open more than just doors.

Thanks to NFC technology, they can access places quickly and safely, all without opening any additional apps. Plus, it means fewer plastic badges—saving you money and reducing the use of plastic. Everyone wins.

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We practice what we preach

When we say that for us, security isn’t just about technology, we mean it. It’s always “first people, then technology” at Nedap.

So, how could we give up the opportunity to take our own mobile access solution out for a spin? After all, we wouldn’t want you using anything we wouldn’t use for ourselves.

Would you like to hear what our experience was like as users of Nedap Mobile Access? Let’s schedule a meeting to talk about it!

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