Access, instantly. In your hand or on your wrist.

Allow your staff and visitors to open more than just doors. Just hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader to access your secured spaces and resources. With Express Mode, you don’t even have to wake or unlock your device. Gain access with just a tap, without opening any extra apps. Level up your workplace experience with the smoothest flow ever.



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"Implementing Employee Badge in Apple Wallet at our headquarters has resulted in a seamless and powerful experience for our employees."

Marcel van Domburgh, Project Manager Nedap Security Management

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And take your access management to the next level for an improved workplace experience. Give your people a truly seamless flow in and around their spaces while they access their resources. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Easy integration and management

Activating employee badge on iPhone and Apple Watch has never been simpler. Distribute and manage mobile passes remotely.

Seamlessly integrate them into your own access control system. Then say goodbye to the hassle of printing physical badges or managing additional applications!

Private and secure

Protect your employee badge with the privacy and security features already built into the iPhone and Apple Watch. Your data remains yours because badges are stored securely on the device. Prevent badge-sharing and implement verification features like Face ID or Touch ID for extra security. Plus, you can suspend, remove, or resume mobile passes remotely.

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All your people need is an iPhone or Apple Watch. That’s it.

Thanks to NFC technology, they can open doors and access places quickly and safely, all without opening any extra apps. And thanks to Power Reserve, you can access your employee badge for up to five hours even after you’ve run out of battery!

Environmentally friendly

Stop printing employee badges. Send them straight to the iPhone and Apple Wallet and distribute them remotely.

Your people use their devices for access, and you get to reduce the use of plastic—another example of a win-win for choosing Employee Badge in Apple Wallet, powered by Nedap Mobile Access.

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"We are thrilled to work with Apple to merge security and convenience by integrating an employee badge into the Apple Wallet. This alliance reinforces our dedication to ceaseless innovation and development, invariably aiming to enhance the value our solutions bring to people in their professional lives."

Maikel Coenen, Technology Lead Nedap Security Management

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