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The challenge

High security access control with no compromises

This prominent bank wanted to replace its head office access control system without any compromise to its security, even for a minute. With over 4,000 people using the building daily, ease of use and management were essential requirements, as was a flexible system that could scale easily. They also wanted the system to be unobtrusive, despite being high security.

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What they did

Seamless migration to AEOS

BNP Paribas replaced its existing system with AEOS at both its head office and other nearby locations. They relied on us, with our certified business partner, to co-ordinate the migration so it was hassle-free. Elegant door handles contain a long distance card reader so people don’t realise they’re entering a high-security area. BNP Paribas then went on to install AEOS in additional new offices across the street.

“Before implementing AEOS, we asked an independent IT company to try to break into our IT systems. They used a little device with which they could usually clone access cards without actually touching them. They had to admit that the AEOS encryption was so advanced they didn’t have the technology to hack into the system. This is what we wanted to hear. It may not have been our main reason for selecting AEOS, but it certainly gave us the reassurance that AEOS would boost our security to a higher level. We’re happy in the knowledge that we’ll be able to expand our use of the system in the future – both in user numbers as well as in functionality. We’ll still be able to have one central administration for all locations. This saves time and manpower, decreasing investments on several levels.”

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Key benefits

Easy to use and highly effective

  • Unobtrusive access control, despite the high level of encrypted security.
  • All access control tasks are managed centrally so fewer specialists are needed.
  • Cards for different roles and groups can be produced easily, and lost cards blocked immediately.
  • Intuitive interface makes managing access cards stress-free.
  • Improved productivity as time is saved for employees and security management.
  • Flexibility to adapt access control easily and expand it in the future


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