The facts and figures

About Polpharma

Polpharma is the largest Polish manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. They actively operate in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. For over 80 years, Polpharma has been trusted by patients, healthcare professionals and business partners alike. The Polpharma Group and associated companies employ more than 7,500 people in Poland and on international markets.


7500 employees


Several hundred online doors


A few thousand identifiers


± 100 detection sensors

Key objective

Centralised solution for multi-site management

Polpharma wanted a centralised, high-level and reliable security solution. Moreover, they need the flexibility to integrate with systems, like Hikvision, Evoko and Followme. All in cooperation with a company that offers local support.

Polpharma office

The solution

The flexibility to manage complexity

  • Centralised access control
  • Encryption on each level of communication
  • Implementation and support from local channel partner
  • Improved flexibility and scalability
  • Integration with HikVision, Followme (printing), Evoko (room manager)
"The Pharmaceutical sector and especially Polpharma has to pay high attention to security. That’s why they identified that operating so many access control systems and card technologies leads to risks and affects the resilience of the company. Since 2016 we have been involved in the merge of the access control systems into one: AEOS."

Anna Twardowska Nedap Security Management