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Having a wide range of customers means we get a wide range of demands. That's why AEOS is based entirely on open standards – it ensures your system can be tailored to your specific needs and is future proof. We partner with a great set of companies that are the best at what they do to make this happen.

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AEOS supports a wide variety of standards and protocols for card readers. Besides Nedap card readers, many other types of card readers can be integrated using these standards and protocols. This ensures that customers can choose the card reader that fits their needs the best.

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Cardprinting software

AEOS supports integrations with multiple card management systems (CMS), which allow you to personalize, encode and print access cards. The layout of the cards can be designed in the card management application.

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Wireless locks

Every building has different zones, each with its own security requirements. In order to maintain in control over this, it is essential to handle all access rights from one single system. AEOS is designed to connect to all types of third-party locks, including offline, online, wired, and wireless ones.

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Key cabinets

In many organizations, security managers still struggle with managing physical keys. Key cabinets are a great solution for this challenge and integrating it into AEOS is even easier. You keep a single platform to manage door authorisations as well as key access. You can even restrict people from leaving a specified zone unless they have returned the key to the cabinet.

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Identity/Visitor management

Managing security can be a real challenge in any dynamic environment, especially when there are a lot of visitors that require access. With AEOS, you can easily integrate with visitor management solution that provides self-service-kiosks, passport or ID card scanning, or even handheld readers for mustering or attendance lists.

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Locker Management

Adding AEOS Locker Management to your AEOS system gives you even more control, while saving space and money.

AEOS locker management

Physical Access Control

Whatever your access control requirements, AEOS is designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs. It’s the ultimate foundation for any application of physical access control. Which enables you and your organisation to focus on your core business, boosting productivity, creativity and performance.

AEOS access control


A PSIM solution is designed to combine multiple platforms that are not connected and manage them from a single user-interface. With an AEOS integration, you can display access control events, remotely control your doors and maintain your Intrusion system. Connections with other systems can be made as well. As an example, camera triggers can be set to record on a specific AEOS event.

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End-to-end security

Nedap has developed a robust end-to-end solution. By applying the latest principles of encryption and strong authentication used in IT, we achieve secure storage in and secure communication between all elements of the AEOS access control system. Securing the different elements of your physical access control system is done via digital certificates. Integrations can be made with third party systems for maintaining and distributing these digital certificates and for updating the essential card data.

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Video Management

Integrating Video Management systems with AEOS can greatly enhance the efficiency of security teams. Instead of manually searching for events in AEOS and finding the corresponding footage in the VMS system, this can all be automated. Input from AEOS (for example when a door is forced) can now automatically trigger an action in the VMS. The right camera automatically starts recording the event, and an alarm is created to easily find the event  and the associated camera footage.

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Mobile access

The mobile phone plays a central role in our daily lives. American studies show that we check our phones almost a hundred times a day. There’s a great chance you might lose or forget your access badge, but forgetting or losing your mobile phone isn’t as common, simply because you’re constantly checking it. Since you always have it with you, the next logical step is to use it to enter buildings. This is known as mobile access control. However, it’s not only about mobile phones but also about other portable devices, such as tablets and wearables, that use BLE or NFC technologies.

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Intercom Elevators Fire

AEOS supports integrations with elevator control systems, fire systems and intercom systems. This way, you have a single management platform to control door authorisations, as well as floor access. Monitor your fire system and allow or deny access to people at intercoms, with corresponding live video.

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Biometrics are becoming more relevant every day, whether it’s finger, hand palm, iris, or facial recognition. By replacing traditional access badges with biometric technology, you can improve convenience: people can now enter the building by using their finger, palm or face. You could even add an extra security layer, where people must present both a card and a corresponding biometric identifier.

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Intrusion detection

With AEOS Intrusion, you can simply arm and disarm the system, whether for one location or for all your sites worldwide.

AEOS intrusion

What the Technology Partner Programme offers you

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With AEOS, you can start small and expand gradually with different integrations. Both the pricing model and architecture are designed to scale with your company’s needs.

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Provide best-of-breed solutions by working with other market-leading partners, enables us to future-proof our platform and create the flexibility you need.

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Always up-to-date

Do you know today which integration you need tomorrow? AEOS software updates ensure support for the latest technologies, features and security.

Our technology Partners

We partner with a great set of companies that are the best at what they do to make this happen.



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