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Innovatrics, an independent entity, stands out as a trusted provider of biometric solutions, catering to both governments and enterprises. Renowned for their high-performing algorithms, they deliver some of the fastest and most accurate results in fingerprint and face recognition technologies. Established in 2004, Innovatrics has forged partnerships with a diverse range of organizations, developing trusted and adaptable biometric identification solutions. Their products have reached a global scale, currently in use across over 80 countries and impacting the lives of over a billion people worldwide.



About the integration

SmartFace, a versatile facial recognition platform, is designed to detect and identify faces and human appearances in real-time across multiple camera streams, offering top-notch accuracy. Known for its high-quality facial recognition algorithms, it supports various instant identification scenarios including access control, building security, and investigation.

The integration of Innovatrics’ SmartFace with the ‘Nedap AEOS Locker System’ enhances security, offering a unique, cardless, and seamless experience. SmartFace’s cascaded edge-to-cloud architecture enables video streams to be processed either directly on smart cameras or on edge devices. This approach significantly cuts down on bandwidth requirements and server costs. Additionally, its compliance with GDPR and inclusion of Liveness check and enrollment tools, positions SmartFace as a comprehensive solution for seamless access systems.

  • Edge to Cloud architecture
    Video streams are processed on edge devices resulting in a dramatic reduction of bandwidth requirements and savings on server resources required at the central site.
  • WatchList Autolearn
    Over time, the biometric template of a person is automatically and dynamically updated, ensuring exceptional accuracy even with a face mask on or when an individual’s face attributes gradually change over time.
  • Liveness Detection
    Utilizing our passive liveness check and real-time notifications, SmartFace can reliably detect spoofing attempts and prevent unauthorized access to premises.
  • Face & Appearance Search
    To provide easy visitor registration, you can integrate remote onboarding into your application. Visitor is verified using ID with face verification, and passive liveness detection to be sure that the visitor is who they claim to be.
Solution name Innovatrics SmartFace
Solution availability Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America
Product languages English, Spanish, Slovak
Compatible with AEOS 2022.2.3 and higher


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