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High-level security is essential

To ensure IT security that meet your needs for a higher level of integration between physical access control and other business applications

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Multi-site, multi-country protection

You’re a multinational organisation that needs unified access management across many sites, and in several countries.

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Protection for critical infrastructure

For when it’s absolutely necessary for you to control access to a 24/7 environment with careful maintenance and zero system downtime.

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Guaranteed success

Close the experience gap and take the stress out of access control, by relying on our team’s 100% proven success rate and personal experience.

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Faster implementations

Experience the ease of streamlining global security, scalability, cost efficiencies, and faster implementation using our extensive expertise.

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Flexibility where you need us

You can pick and personalize specific services depending on where you are in your access control journey, or choose a complete implementation.

Let’s get ready to future-proof your access control

You can depend on us to ensure your access control system is cybersecure, future-proof, and secure by design. Start taking advantage of the tangible commercial advantages our EPS team can provide you.

It’s okay to expect more from your access control

Through our Enterprise Professional Services, we provide a 3-pillar approach designed and time-tested to help you get the most out of your AEOS access control system.


You can have your Nedap access control system expertly set up, and maintained throughout its lifecycle, using our Platform services. And once your AEOS environment is operational and working correctly, we can begin deployments.

Our Deployment services cover everything from setting up your framework and deployment governance, to configuring controllers.

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Deployment Toolkit

The Security Design Configurator (SDC) is your collaborative design tool and your single source of truth for your design process, from the start to finish.

Our tried-and-true Deployment framework templates provide predefined stages for successful deployment to accompany custom deployment and installation guides, and more.

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Client Care

Your application administrators, who will be power users of Nedap access control, will be happy to know that they have our technical help, training, and knowledge sharing.

Your power users will end up knowing (almost) everything about Nedap access control management.

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"Our employees used multiple badges which were poorly secured and their authorisations could only be managed locally. The implementation of a truly global access control system using the Nedap EPS services put us back in control again!"

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