An access control system is a significant long-term investment but one that, chosen well, can give a host of valuable benefits. We recommend taking it step-by-step to select an access control system that will keep pace with your company for the next ten years.

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A sneak preview of the steps

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Step 1

Draw up a risk analysis

When preparing a risk analysis, companies often only consider legal obligations relating to safety – but security is just as important. A good security policy will protect your critical business processes and your company’s environment as well as your assets and, most importantly, your people. Read more…


Step 2

Think about your long-term vision

A lot can change in the many years a good access control system lasts. So consider not only what you need from an access control system now, but also what you might need in the future. Read more…

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Step 3

See what opportunities an access control system provides

To get the most out of your investment in a new access control system, it’s wise to review the opportunities it provides. Read more…

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Step 4

Create a plan of requirements

Are your needs and wishes from steps one, two and three set out clearly? If so, you can compile them into a plan of requirements for your new access control system. Read more…


Step 5

Find a suitable supplier

Once you have a concrete plan of requirements, you’re ready to share it with manufacturers, installers and integrators. Read more…

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5 Steps to Access Control