AEOS Locker Management: the future of secure storage

With hybrid working and hotdesking the new norm, lockers have become an essential investment. But they’re not just for protecting personal belongings. AEOS Locker Management lets you secure everything from equipment to documents to deliveries.

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of lockers to manage, it makes the job easy – online or on our mobile app. And, if you choose, you can manage physical access control and lockers, all in one system.


Endless ways to use our smart locker solutions

Here are just a few of the options for making the most of AEOS Locker Management’s incredible flexibility.


Secure an unlimited number and variety of lockers for personal and communal belongings – from laptop storage to post boxes to medicine cabinets.

Asset management
Control the use of assets like handheld scanners, nursing equipment and construction tools. Easily authorise who can loan which assets when and produce reports on their usage.

Drop off & pick up
Allow goods or devices to be dropped off or picked up securely. Handy for courier deliveries, IT repairs, out-of-hours collections and more.

Assign lockers for employees, visitors, customers and contractors in a range of ways. You control how many lockers people can use – when, where and for how long.

Adapts to any environment or requirement

AEOS Locker Management adds value in any sector. From storing hazardous substances safely in the chemical industry to securing confidential documents in the financial sector. Below are some of the environments where it’s widely used around the world.

Hotdesking means employees need lockers for their belongings and company property. AEOS Locker Management also lets you protect critical company data by fitting locks to filing cabinets and laptop storage. It’s easy to define who can access what and when.

Reduce the number of lockers needed by only authorising employees to use them during their shift. When AEOS Locker Management is integrated with physical access control, employees can use one badge to open doors, lockers and dispensing cabinets.

Schools & universities
Students can open and secure lockers using their student ID card, instead of queuing by terminals. It’s easy to manage lockers via your smartphone, and you can assign long-term lockers to some students, while others are only authorised to use them during set times or days.

Public facilities
Rather than using keys or coins to operate lockers, customers can use a PIN code, wristband or library card, for example. And, as you can manage your lockers centrally, you can set a time for them to be available for cleaning or to ensure nothing’s left in them overnight.


Why AEOS Locker Management is the smart choice

Save space & money

  • Use lockers dynamically instead of one per person.
  • Low maintenance – no batteries or keys.
  • Low power consumption and energy costs.

Easy to manage

  • Simple to manage thousands of lockers remotely.
  • Use our web-based dashboard on a mobile device.
  • Make data-driven decisions about storage.

Convenient to use

  • No complicated instructions or queuing at terminals.
  • Operate with any ID – badge, mobile, biometric or QR code.
  • New, modern info point provides guidance and support.

All on one system

  • Use one platform to manage lockers and physical access control.
  • Extend your access control principles to lockers.
  • Use one identifier to access doors, barriers, lockers and more.

Highly secure

  • Tamper-proof locks.
  • Secured against cyberattacks.
  • Easy to control and track access.

Seamless integration

  • Integrates easily with other systems – eg HR or visitor management.
  • Assign access according to role, department, shift pattern and more.
  • Save time by centralising tasks and avoiding duplication.