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Take access control to another level with AEOS Locker Management

Adding AEOS Locker Management to your AEOS system gives you even more control, while saving space and money. It means that, as well as controlling access to each building or area, you can also control access to lockers, cabinets and boxes. This allows you to use lockers dynamically, so you have fewer to buy and maintain. And employees can use just one card to access buildings, rooms, lockers, filing cabinets, laptop storage, post boxes and more.

Increase your protection

Assets held in your buildings may be valuable, sensitive or both – from confidential documents to critical data and laptops with network access. Controlling access to rooms and areas goes some way to protecting your assets, but can still leave them vulnerable.

AEOS Locker Management allows you to step up your protection by extending your access control principles to cabinets and other storage spaces. You can determine who has access to which cabinet, at which times and under which circumstances, and track who gained access and when.

Make life easier

With AEOS Locker Management, you manage all access rights on your web-based AEOS access control dashboard. You have the same functionalities for lockers and cabinets as for other access points, including group settings, time schedules and a log book. And you don’t have the hassle of key management.

Highly secure and convenient

Each of our locks has a tamper sensor to ensure the highest security standards, and an integrated reader for commonly used RFID cards such as MIFARE, HID iClass and Legic Advant. You can use them to secure any kind of compartment, from medicine cabinets to cash boxes. And it’s really convenient for authorised people to open them – you just hold your RFID access card close to the lock.

Save money with dynamic locker use

Increasingly more organisations offer lockers for employees and visitors to store personal belongings as flexible working and hot desking becomes more popular. But providing a permanent locker for each employee is expensive and requires a lot of space.

AEOS Locker Management lets you use lockers dynamically, with employees choosing a free locker each time rather than having their own permanent locker. This means you need far fewer lockers overall, as you don’t need one for every employee.

The flexibility to set exceptions

You can set up your system so that most people are only authorised to use one locker at a time on specific days during specific time periods. This avoids them taking up locker space when their shift ends. If some people need a locker for long-term use, or need to use more than one locker, you can set up special exceptions on AEOS.

Say goodbye to key management

With AEOS Locker Management, there’s no keys to manage or replace and it’s simple for employees and visitors too. They can easily see which lockers are free via an LED indicator, quickly use their access card to open and lock one ­– and then get on with their day.

Why people love it

Save money & space

Save up to 70% compared to the cost of buying a locker for each employee. Maintenance costs are low as there’s no batteries to change or keys to supply, and low power consumption means low energy costs.

High security levels

It’s the only locker system to read encrypted customer-specific data, so only your organisation’s cards can operate your lockers and cabinets. Every lock has a tamper alarm and you can see who opened each one and when.

Easy to manage

You manage all lockers and storage cabinets centrally via a smartphone-friendly web interface. You always have an up-to-date overview on their status, and there are no keys to issue, track or replace.

Easy to use

People use one access card for everything. They can open lockers and cabinets quickly by holding their card to the lock, and then lock it the same way. There are no complex instructions or queuing at terminals.

Always in control

Even if your network fails or there’s a power blackout, all lockers and cabinets can still be used and remain secure. So you stay in control of which people can access each one and at what times.


Use a single card to access lockers, your building and the car park.

Security for life

Az Alma Hospital needed an access control system that could cope with the demands of high levels of employees and visitors, varying access rights and the flexibility to respond in emergencies. It also aimed to become completely keyless. In line with this, Az Alma added AEOS Locker Management to its AEOS platform. It can now control access at a micro level, while giving staff, patients and visitors great convenience.

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