Why choose Access AtWork®

Simplified access control

Access AtWork® revolutionises the traditionally complicated process of managing access control, making it simple, intuitive, and efficient. No more struggling with lists of doors and templates.

Context-driven model

Our innovative authorisation model brings much-needed simplicity and context to access control management, saving you significant time and resources. Demonstrating compliance is easier than ever.

Flexible & scalable

Manage multiple sites effortlessly; as your organization expands, whether it's adding new doors, zones, entire sites, or integrating new users, Access AtWork® easily adapts without increasing your management burden.


Access AtWork® is a cloud-native system offering remote accessibility, regular updates and upgrades, and follows stringent security protocols and standards, including system redundancies to avoid data loss.

Smooth integration

Access AtWork® runs on our proven AEOS Blue controllers and smoothly integrates with your existing door readers and locks, making the transition to our system simpler than ever.


Access AtWork® is an Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) offering reduced upfront costs, predictable regular fees, automatic updates, and reduced maintenance burdens.

Structure that reflects reality

Your organisation is set up to reflect reality. Easily set up and work within your organisations sites, buildings and zones. After all, your employees need access to sites, buildings and zones – not doors.

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Authorisations based on teams with inheritance

Access is based on zones and teams with inheritance, instead of templates or groups with no hierarchy.

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Switch perspectives seamlessly

Transparency in authorisations from multiple seamless perspectives. View authorisations from zone, team and individual views. Move effortlessly between perspectives by clicking on the information most relevant to you at that moment.

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Maximum flexibility

Only the fields absolutely necessary for the functioning of the system are mandatory. All other fields can be customised exactly the way you need to fit your own unique situation. Easily create and add new person types to your view, create custom fields, and drag and drop them just where you need.

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Software that’s always available and up to date

Access AtWork® is cloud-native, meaning it has been designed from the ground up for cloud architecture.


Micro-services architecture

Micro-services architecture where every service has its own encrypted database.

Data stored in EU

All data is stored within the European Union on Nedap-managed servers.

Redundancy built in

Services run in a private cloud across four data centres for redundancy.

Encrypted connection

Encrypted connection for communication between controller and cloud.

No identifiable data

Only unidentifiable data like carrier ID and card number stored on local controllers.

GDPR Compliant

No possibility for unauthorised access to personal data.

Getting started with Access Atwork®

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