Security needs change over time

But what if your access control system doesn’t change along with your needs?

  • Then you miss out on key insights such as office occupancy, and who’s accessed where and when.
  • Your system may not comply with data security and privacy legislation.
  • And your IT department will increasingly spend more time, money, and resources to keep the system operational.

In this way, your access control system burdens not just your servers, but your entire organisation.

Nedap Access AtWork LR

What if your access control system is in the cloud?

  • Then you have a system that is easy to implement, use, and maintain.
  • You provide employees and visitors with unrestricted access to the right spaces in your building.
  • And administrators can quickly and easily change and view access rights from anywhere.

In this way, an access control system only hinders the people you want to hinder.

Exactly what Access AtWork® does

An access control system in the cloud that remains just as user-friendly as your security requirements increase and your workforce grows.

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What does Access AtWork® offer your organisation?

Easy management

Access AtWork® makes managing access control easy. The system does the work, but you maintain maximum visibility and control.

Efficient onboarding

The authorization model of Access AtWork® quickly assigns the right permissions to new employees. This saves you time, and new colleagues immediately feel welcome.

Reliability and experience

Benefit from 45 years of access control experience with Nedap, secure data storage in certified data centers within the EU, and a system that is GDPR-compliant.

Convenience of cloud

Access AtWork® is a system that operates in the cloud. It's well-secured, accessible from anywhere, and you're not responsible for system updates.

Integration with existing hardware

The system comes with Nedap door controllers which are compatible with your existing readers and locks. This makes it easy to switch to Access AtWork®.

Saving on your IT costs

Instead of building and maintaining your own IT infrastructure, pay a monthly fee for the use, maintenance, and updates of the software.

What do these features do in your daily practice?

Secures spaces instead of doors

Access AtWork® grants access to spaces instead of doors. Regardless of how many doors provide access to that space. And if (office) spaces change or employees are granted different access rights, the built-in intelligence automatically adjusts your access policy accordingly.

Access based on teams

When you add an employee to a team, this person immediately receives the appropriate rights associated with that team. Any individual exceptions can be added with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Visibility of all authorisations

No more complicated dashboards. No need to switch between screens. Access AtWork® provides a complete overview of all authorisations, with the ability to easily switch perspectives. This means you can view authorisations from the perspective of individuals, teams, or spaces within your building (or buildings).

Intuitive user interface

Access AtWork® is like a house with a solid structure. Safe, robust, and functional. That’s the foundation. And within that, you can modify elements so that the system perfectly aligns with the needs of your organisation.

The menus, buttons, windows, and graphical elements are so logical that employees immediately find their way around the software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about Access AtWork®. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or if you need further explanation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

An access control system like Access AtWork® operates entirely in the cloud. It is built for that. This is called cloud-native. The counterpart to this is an access control system that is installed on your company’s own servers. The management of the system is also carried out internally. This is what is called an ‘on-premises access control system’.

In essence, both variants do the same thing, namely: managing the access of people to your building and the various spaces within it effectively. But you can imagine that ‘on-premises’ and ‘cloud-native’ have significant differences in terms of installation, use, and management. We explain these differences in here.

Of course, Access AtWork® complies with GDPR legislation. Additionally, we have built-in various security layers. For instance, the communication between the door controller and the cloud is encrypted. The information that is transmitted is thereby shielded and unreadable to unauthorised persons. Also, only non-identifiable data is stored on the door controllers, which cannot be linked to individuals.

The system itself runs in a private cloud that is spread across four different data centers. So if there is a problem with one data center, your access control system will continue to operate through the other data centers.

All data are stored within the EU, on servers that are monitored and managed 24×7 by a team of Nedap IT & cyber specialists.

Technically, it is Access Control as a Service, or in short: ACaaS. It shares the same architecture, benefits, and features as the more generic SaaS, but it is specifically focused on access control. It consists of a software component, which is located in the cloud and provided as a service by Nedap, and a hardware component. These are the door controllers, card readers, and any physical badges.

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Time for future-proof access control

“Access management should not be a burden for your organization. Sure, you want airtight security, but it shouldn’t hinder your employees in their daily work. 
Access AtWork® is reliable, scalable, and affordable. The system is quick to get up and running and then very easy to use. Just a system that does its job (almost) invisibly so that you and your colleagues can do yours.”

— Daniël Nijkamp, Proposition Lead of Access AtWork®

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