The facts and figures

About DPG Media

DPG Media Group is the largest media company in both Belgium and the Netherlands, and active in television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and online services. It employs around 6.000 people company-wide and has its modern headquarters located in Antwerp, Belgium.


6.000 employees


398 online doors


10.530 identifiers


17 software users

Key objective

Transition to a flexible and scalable system

DPG Media has been a Nedap customer in the Netherlands for many years. Until recently, this was not the case in Belgium. Here, locations were standardised on an access control system where they were completely dependent on their products and services (so-called vendor lock-in). When building their new headquarters in Antwerp, they started looking for an access control system that is fully flexible and scalable, in terms of the future. Moreover, DPG Media needed a system that is well supported in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Together with partner Nsecure, Nedap became the perfect match for DPG Media.

DPG Media foto hoofdkantoor

The solution

Unified and Flexible Security for Life

  • A unified access control system for multiple locations in the Netherlands and Belgium – including their ultra-modern headquarters (Antwerp), and one of the largest printing plants in Europe (Lokeren)
  • Ensured support for the latest technologies, features, and security. Fully scalable and flexible access control.
  • Security with the highest standards to protect against the impact of cyber attacks on access control.
  • Implementation and support by a single trusted partner (Nsecure) in both the Netherlands and Belgium.
"Given the good experiences with Nedap in the Netherlands, it was a logical choice for DPG media to also secure their locations in Belgium with AEOS."

Peter van Bockstal Nedap Security Management