The facts & figures

About Belfius

One of Belgium’s leading banks, Belfius has headquarters in Brussels and branches across the country. As a bank, it not only has employees, visitors and buildings to keep safe and secure, it also has critical, confidential data to protect.


527 doors


7 locations


10,000 identifiers

The challenge

Easy to adapt and integrate

Belfius was looking for a reliable new security system based on strong, well-tested technology. A key requirement was for this system to be based on open architecture and integrate easily with other systems, technologies, and third-party hardware. For convenient management on any device, Belfius wanted a web-based system that’s also easy to adapt, upgrade, maintain and scale, and makes detailed or complex reporting straightforward.


What they did

A flexible, reliable system

After a detailed market consultation, involving more than 10 manufacturers, Belfius chose to install our AEOS access control system. Belfius found that AEOS meets all of its requirements, and at a competitive price for the system, installation and maintenance. And, thanks to AEOS’s flexibility, this new system could be implemented gradually, so there was no system downtime or effect on business continuity.

Key benefits

The freedom to choose and adapt

  • Integrates seamlessly with new and existing systems, technologies and hardware.
  • Easily copes with protecting multiple zones with different security requirements.
  • Fast operating speed to keep traffic flowing at peak periods.
  • No vendor lock-in.
  • Futureproof and scales easily.

What they said

Jonas Vyverman, head of physical security at Belfius, says: “As we’ve seen in recent times, the future can bring great and sudden changes. We need a security system that makes anything and everything possible and we believe we have that with AEOS. For now, it’s important for us to have one system and everything connected to that system. And it’s reassuring to know that if we want to make changes, add more integrations or cope with complex requirements, we can do that easily with AEOS.”

Marc Noirfalise, Security Advisor at Belfius says: “AEOS is proving to be a stable, efficient platform that enables fast communication between server and controller, so access can be granted quickly when a badge is presented. Which is important in our buildings where people flow can be high at peak times. It’s enabled us to take central control and integrate a variety of systems, and it offers the ability to scale in every way. We can add more people, doors, buildings and integrations, and make any adjustments, as and when we need to. And what’s more, we can keep control of costs for both maintenance and adaptations.”

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