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On-premises solution

AEOS empowers organisations who have a need for high security and control over every aspect of their access control system. High performance meets top-tier security for people and assets.

End-to-end security

Depend on AEOS’s highest security standards and compliance with NPSA/CPNI, EN60839, ANSSI, CAPSS, and BSI certifications to help protect you against physical and cyber threats.

Rich integrations

Enjoy freedom of choice when it comes to your access control implementation. Our Technology Partner Programme helps you tailor a best-of-breed security solution.

Complete portfolio

Combine AEOS with our native locker management for convenience in secure storage, and with our intrusion detection solution that seamlessly integrates with your security policy.

Deep, focused expertise

Rely on our team who brings 46 years of dedicated experience global security—not to mention our international network of partners with local and regional expertise.

Gradual scalability

Highly scalable, robust, and based on architecture that scales with you. As the needs of your organisation evolve, AEOS evolves with you and your changing security ecosystem.

Let’s build your security ecosystem together

AEOS is a stable and secure platform, the ultimate foundation, that’s open to integrate with best-of-breed third-party solutions such as VMS, Biometrics, HR systems, and more. You and your teams can get back to focusing on your core business and boosting productivity, creativity, and performance.

More than just software, hardware, and firmware

Take advantage of what AEOS has to offer as a trusted platform. So, let’s do more than just open doors.

Connect your devices

As a platform based on open standards, AEOS offers you flexibility and scalability, without compromising on security or user experience. Connect your physical locks, readers, and other devices to enhance your people flow.

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Future-proof your system

Integrate existing tools and plan implementation for new ones like visitor management kiosks, fingerprint readers, facial recognition systems, and more. AEOS software updates ensure support for the latest technologies.

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Audit trail for compliance

We get it. Your compliance needs become our compliance needs. AEOS provides your data you can analyse to comply with security and business processes. Define which reporting you need for relevant insights.

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Control all authorisations

With AEOS, you can easily control who has access where, when, and under what conditions. You can stay updated in real time and choose to take control via manual or automated reactions to events. True access control.

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“AEOS fits well in a wide variety of environments, giving us the flexibility we need as a global organisation.”

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“Because we were already aware of AEOS’s capabilities and very satisfied with its performance, it was a logical step to ask Nedap to solve our problem.”


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Frequently asked questions

We’ve answered some of the questions you might have about AEOS below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for though, or would like to chat things through, please get in touch.

Your safety is guaranteed at all times. Our powerful door controllers can function autonomously if they lose their connection. If your building doesn’t have a backup generator, AEOS can be equipped with additional power backup to ensure your access control system still functions normally if the main power source goes down.

As door controllers are linked to each other in a network, adding more controllers means adding more capacity to handle more doors. Due to this modular design there is in theory no limit to the amount of doors you can add. In very large configurations however, e.g. 30.000+ doors, there are many secondary factors that come into play when it comes to max capacity of a system.

We design and engineer all AEOS hardware to suit our software. Over the past 15 years, we’ve ensured full continuity on AEOS, and we’ll continue to keep both our hardware and software up-to-date in the coming years.

Yes, this is possible. It’s even possible to adjust the security level according to circumstances such as the time of the day. You might, for example, want to set up convenient badge access for working hours but strong, multi-factor identification outside of working hours.

Yes, absolutely. It’s possible to adjust the rights of everyone to a certain domain or area.

We can help to make it straightforward to migrate several systems to one streamlined AEOS platform. AEOS also integrates with many HRM databases, which can save lots of time and effort.