Groenlo, the Netherlands, 14th of November 2023

Nedap’s AEOS physical access control awarded CAPSS Accreditation

Nedap, a global leader in physical security solutions, today announces that their physical access control system, AEOS, has been awarded CAPSS accreditation. AEOS is now one of only three physical access control systems with CAPSS accreditation, certified by the UK’s National Protective Security Authority (NPSA). In addition, AEOS is one of only two physical access control systems entered into the Catalogue of Security Equipment’s (CSE) CAPSS and AACS categories. This latest assurance of AEOS’s cybersecurity comes on the back of it achieving NPSA AACS certification in 2021.

CAPSS stands for Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems. To achieve this stringent, newly upgraded standard, systems and their components must withstand rigorous testing. AACS stands for Automatic Access Control Systems, and NPSA approval is a mark of a system’s high levels of quality and protection.

How the CAPSS Standard makes a difference

The risk of physical security systems being compromised by hackers is increasing, this is especially true for organisations in critical infrastructure. The CAPSS programme comprises two main elements: the CAPSS Standard and CAPSS Guidance.

CAPSS Standard guides design, testing and deployment of security products. It ensures they’re reliably robust because security is embedded in their design, and they’re rigorously tested and verified. When a product is certified as meeting the CAPSS Standard, it gives security managers confidence that it can mitigate the risks of cyberattacks.

AEOS: a safe, smart choice for every security level

As well as being CAPSS accredited and NPSA approved, AEOS is:

  • GOVPASS approved.
  • End-to-end secure for optimal cybersecurity – from the card reader to the server.
  • Always up to date – software updates ensure support for the latest technologies and features.
  • Highly scalable and based on open standards, allowing easy expansion and integrations.
  • Supported by a network of certified partners for secure implementation and maintenance.

Visit this page for more information on AEOS’s CAPSS credentials.

See the full press release here.

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