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When you make an access control system easier to use, the benefits are far-reaching – from saving time to increasing flexibility to avoiding errors. It all adds up to provide more security and a better experience. So whether your premises are public or private, people can feel safe and make the most of their time there.

The main focus of the AEOS 2021.1 release is the new controller platform of the AEOS door controller. It’s a complete overhaul of the controller firmware. This update brings better cyber security and stability and makes sure that the AEOS door controllers keep up with the latest technology and security patches.

802.1x brings extra security to your AEOS system

We’ve added a new feature to AEOS door controllers to help increase the security of your AEOS access control system.

Available with AEOS 2021.1, and versions after that, is support for 802.1x – an industry standard for port-based network access control. It uses authentication to ensure that only trusted devices can connect to your IP network.

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New controller platform

In the AEOS 2021.1 release the operating system of the AEOS controller is completely renewed. Thanks to this update the controllers benefit from the latest technology standard. And of course the latest security patches are installed.

Factory Reset

The new implementation of the factory reset on the AEOS door controllers allows you to reset the controller to AEOS version 3.2.2.
The already existing ‘system settings reset’ function stays in place. So we’ve added more possibilities to AEOS with this factory reset implementation.

Tech help

In AEOS 2021.1 AEOS tech-help is now available. Tech-help is a fast and interactive manual for system administrators which helps them to find the support needed.

Improved update process

With the AEOS 2021.1 release we’ve laid a new foundation for future improvements of the process to update AEOS door controllers. When updating to AEOS 2021.1 the complete file structure of the door controller will change. And thanks to this new file structure we can start working on implementation to perform updates with less down time in the future.

Watch our release review video to learn more about AEOS 2021.1

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