AEOS 2020.1

Get more out of AEOS 2020.1

When you make an access control system easier to use, the benefits are far-reaching – from saving time to increasing flexibility to avoiding errors. It all adds up to provide more security and a better experience. So whether your premises are public or private, people can feel safe and make the most of their time there.

In AEOS 2020.1, we’ve introduced several improvements that make using AEOS even easier and give you more flexibility and support.

Save time & avoid errors when configuring OSS-SO locks

The open standard for wireless offline locks (OSS-SO) continues to evolve, so we’ve added new functionality to AEOS so you can take advantage of it. In this release, you can export OSS-SO entrances to XML files, configure them in AEOS and then copy them back to the lock manufacturer’s configuration tools. It helps you do the job much faster and avoid mistakes.


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Improved 4 eyes principle

The 4 eyes principle in AEOS means specific people, usually visitors or contractors, must be accompanied by an approved host to enter a secure zone. It’s now much easier to assign the right host to each visitor. So you can not only increase security but improve the visitor experience.

Explanation 4-eyes principle

Create OSS-SO access badges with future validity

Another new OSS-SO feature lets you programme access cards so they’re valid from a future date. This means you can get prepared by pre-registering people and giving them their cards – but still be sure they can’t enter your premises until the date you’ve set.

Now you have WebHelp

To make your life easier, and to help you get the most out of AEOS, we’ve introduced WebHelp. When you click the help button, you’re now taken straight to the relevant page in our user manual. You can use it on any device, even your mobile phone, to search for specific information or browse the available topics. WebHelp lets you adjust the level of detail, so it will suit information needs.

More detailed search options

With AEOS 2020.1, the advanced search option includes ‘from’ and ‘until’ date fields. This means you can easily see, via the dashboard, which carriers usually visit which sites on which days and which carriers are due to end their stay. You can also now search for people using ‘first name’ and ‘personnel number’ fields on the AEOS dashboard.

Watch our release review video to learn more about AEOS 2020.1

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