AEOS 2019.2

Easy to use, easy to log in

Streamlining how employees log in to their computers and applications is a challenge many of our customers face. SAML enables you to standardise this process via third party identity providers. So why not use SAML to streamline logins to your physical access control system too? In AEOS 2019.2, we’ve made this possible by implementing SAML for AEOS users.

As well as introducing SAML, we’ve built on the foundation we created with AEOS 2019.1 by improving our HTML5 dashboard. And we’ve expanded the security model for controllers to our virtual controllers. So version 2019.2 makes your AEOS system even more secure and easy to use.


Easy to log-in


With the growing risk of cyber attacks, keeping each customer’s security level up to date becomes more and more important. It’s in this context that we’ve added SAML functionality to AEOS. With SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), everyone can log in to AEOS 2019.2 automatically with the third-party identity provider you already use. You can use Active Directory, OneLogin, PingIdentity, Okta and many more, for example, to log in to AEOS. And with SAML,  you can also use multi-factor authentication to verify the identity of AEOS users, which will further increase cybersecurity.

Easy to use

Customise the dashboard to your needs

Make your work in AEOS more comfortable. Customise your dashboard to your needs in 2019.2. You can, for example, save user-specific screen configurations such as column width and sort order.

Authorise faster in bulk

In AEOS 2019.1, you could see a new version of our dashboard. In AEOS 2019.2, you can now edit, add or remove authorisations for employees, contractors and visitors in bulk.

And much more

Manage who has access to virtual controllers

If you’re a large organisation, with multiple people working on an AEOS installation, controlling who has access to which controllers is important to increase security. We made this possible in AEOS 2019.1. And in AEOS 2019.2,  you can now do the same for virtual controllers.


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