AEOS 2019.1

Faster and even safer

With version 2019.1, common tasks and management in AEOS have become much faster and easier. Below, you can see the latest features and enhancements that make the best access control system even better.


Do all your daily tasks much faster

The new AEOS Dashboard enables faster working across the board. Common tasks for receptionists – such as adding a visitor or looking up an employee – are now quicker than ever to complete. The new, yet familiar, design also helps you find what you’re looking for faster, but still in the way you’re used to. You can use any supported browser you like to take advantage of this optimised performance.

Give a visitor access – up to



Search for an employee – up to



Block a badge – up to



Faster up and running

Configure secure transparent card readers more easily

As a system integrator, you no longer have to write a script manually to tell transparent card readers how to handle badges. With our new graphical configuration tool in AEmon, you’ll get your system up and running quickly while avoiding errors.

User management

Determine who controls the controllers

From now on, you can log in to a door controller using your own AEOS login name and password. AEOS controls who can log in to which controller, so local system operators can update their site’s controllers without having access to all other controllers too. As everyone now logs in with their own AEOS credentials, you can easily revoke permissions when someone leaves the company or changes position. AEOS can also now log who changed an AEpu door configuration and when.


Be emailed a presence list automatically

If there’s an event such as a fire alarm or other emergency, AEOS 2019.1 can automatically send you and your team an email with a list of all people present in the building. This ensures a presence list is always available immediately for those who need it most, even on their mobile devices.

Updated integrations

Wireless locks

The integration with Uhlman & Zacher and SimonsVoss wireless locks has vastly improved and contains new functionality.

PHG card readers

Configuring PHG card readers has become much easier.

SOAP web service performance

Some frequently used SOAP calls now talk directly to the AEOS core instead of going through a conversion process, which makes processing these SOAP calls far quicker.


And so much more

OSDP Secure Channel

The OSDP protocol in the AEOS blue door controller has been upgraded to version 2.1.7, which makes secure channel communication between reader and controller possible.

Improvements under the hood

We make sure AEOS is ready to meet the demands of tomorrow. So we’ve migrated the internals of the AEOS web server and database to modern platforms. This will ensure AEOS stays stable and secure – now and in the future.

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