Andreas Androutsopoulos has worked for one of our channel partners, Avgidis Automation SA (TCB), for seven years. Here, he explains why AEOS documentation – and AEOS Technical WebHelp, in particular – saves so much time, helps him provide a better service and means he rarely needs to call for support.


Detailed guidance for faster, better-quality installations

My first experience of AEOS documentation was when I was installing and configuring AEOS at an end user. I was surprised to find very detailed information in the manuals, which really speeded up installing AEOS; it helped me make the most efficient choices and choose the best solution.



Technical instructions for third-party software

Just like Nedap, we at Avgidis Automation SA (TCB) aim to select best-of-breed solutions for end users. And there are lots of ways to use AEOS, a bit like Lego, and connect it with third-party systems. AEOS documentation not only provides technical information on how to properly configure, maintain or install your AEOS systems. The technical writers took the effort and time to provide all the other details you might need, instead of just adding a reference to the third-party software. It tells you, for example, SQL database installation steps, how SSL works and procedures for importing certificates for each type of browser.


All the info you need in one place – AEOS Technical WebHelp

Before Nedap launched AEOS Technical WebHelp, there were a lot of manuals and I didn’t always know which one to check for the information I was searching for. Now, with AEOS Technical WebHelp, you have just one online manual where you can find all the information you need.

I really like this concept of a single point of truth and somewhere you can find answers to all your questions and solutions for your challenges. Everything you need to work with AEOS is in WebHelp. It saves us engineers a lot of time as we no longer have to search through manuals for the right information. And you can jump from one topic to another in a second. It’s a great leap forward in improving AEOS documentation.


Everything’s online and always up to date

As the information isn’t fragmented into different manuals anymore, you can, for example, find the APIs supported natively by AEOS, and all information relating to them, all in the same place. At the same time, you can search a different topic such as OSDP or transparent readers. You have just one screen for searching and don’t need different tabs for different topics. You don’t even need to download manuals anymore – all information is available online and is automatically updated.


Solve issues quickly and independently

You can see that there was some thought behind AEOS Technical WebHelp before implementation. You really can find whatever you’re searching for there. This not only saves us a lot of time, it helps us to work with AEOS independently. It means we can implement solutions and solve issues ourselves, without needing support from Nedap.

The most useful parts of AEOS Technical Webhelp

The three sections I find most useful, and typically consult at least once a week, are:


What’s new
I frequently consult this section to stay up to date and know which information has been added or updated. At least once a week I have a look at what’s new. When going to the customer, we need to be well prepared, and therefore need to know all updates.

This is very important for me because this is the starting point for connecting AEOS to third-party systems. Here, you find the most efficient way. My power is having the knowledge to provide the best possible solution to the end user. So I need to keep investing in my knowledge.

AEOS maintenance
Here, I specifically consult the examples. Based on the case, we pick some ideas out of these examples to help us select the best possible solution.

My preferred search methods

When I know where to find something, I use the table of contents as this menu is very structured. If I can’t find the information via the table of contents, I use the search bar.

When I’ve found the right information, AEOS Technical WebHelp shows where to find this info in the table of contents. So I don’t need to use the search bar next time and can go to it directly.


Where to start if you’re new to AEOS Technical WebHelp

If I were to turn back time to when I didn’t have any AEOS experience, I would go to the front page of AEOS Technical WebHelp and click through all the information on there. It contains a lot of valuable guidance, such as a step-by-step explanation of the hardware installation.

Another important part is how to install AEOS software. If you aren’t very experienced with AEOS, you can find all the information you need to study on this page.

If you are experienced with AEOS, the what’s new section will provide a useful update to your knowledge.


Thank you to Andreas Androutsopoulos of Avgidis Automation SA (TCB) for this article. The AEOS Technical WebHelp is available for all Nedap Security Management portal users.

My power is having the knowledge to provide the best possible solution to the end user.

Andreas Androutsopoulos Avgidis Automation SA

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