The facts and figures

About Lufthansa Technik


35+ locations worldwide


100.000+ employees


10.000 employees in Hamburg


5 locations unified in pilot project

The challenge

Access control unified internationally

Lufthansa Technik needed to implement higher security standards but also wanted to maintain a sense of freedom for employees and visitors. As a business that places a high value on connection and collaboration, it also wanted to unify its access control. It wanted one system that can be rolled out and standardised around the world. So employees can use one badge to access any location and can perform at their best, free from restrictions.

What they did

Maximising AEOS’s flexibility

After a detailed tender process, Lufthansa Technik selected Nedap’s AEOS access control system. It implemented AEOS in a pilot project at its Hamburg facility, where there are 10,000 employees, followed by four affiliate locations. Lufthansa capitalised on the flexibility AEOS offers by integrating it with third-party systems and adding functionality such as key cabinets and visitor management. And it now plans to roll AEOS out to its other locations worldwide.

Lufthansa – Maximising AEOS flexibility
Lufthansa – High security standardisation and convenience

Key benefits

High security, standardisation and convenience

  • Security levels are significantly increased, but people still feel free.
  • Access control is standardised at each location.
  • Employees can use one access control badge for all locations where AEOS is implemented.
  • AEOS integrates easily with third-party products.
  • Expert technical support from Nedap’s certified channel partners.

“We were really impressed with Nedap’s entrepreneurial culture, hands-on mentality and personal approach. They and their partners did an excellent job,” says Melf Westphal, Head of Security Solutions at Lufthansa. “It wasn’t only the really good products they presented to us. With their support, and that of their dedicated partners, they helped us solve all the operational issues. And through their partner network, they enabled us to create tailormade solutions by integrating third party products that matched our security demands. It’s meant that instead of barricading ourselves in we have relative freedom of movement. I feel very secure but I can use my badge to go anywhere. We have fantastic solutions and, importantly, we have the same Lufthansa ID badge that connects us – no matter where we’re based.”

Melf Westphal | Lufthansa Technik

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