The agency ensures the mission of national authority security of information systems. As such it is responsible for proposing rules for the protection of state information systems and verifying the implementation of measures adopted. In the field of cyber defense, it provides a monitor, detect, alert and reaction to computer attacks, especially on the networks of the State.“— The National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI)

Above is the mission statement of the national authority, ANSSI (The National Cybersecurity Agency of France), for cyber defense and network and information security. Among ANSSI’s many responsibilities is one in which they act as a reference organisation for the labelling of trusted products and service providers.

After having been certified in April 2015 with AEOS Version 3.0.4, we are honored to announce ANSSI’s renewal of our First Level Security Certification (CSPN) for Nedap AEOS 2021.2 as of April 2022. The CSPN is based on criteria, methodology, and process developed by ANSSI in providing the best level of security possible given current market and technological requirements.

Here is the link to the certification on the ANSSI website

NEDAP AEOS is also CPNI (UK) & EN60839 (Europe) certified.

Kees Payens, Head of Nedap France, had this to say: “This certification ensures that our valued clients and trusted partners are using Nedap AEOS 2021.2 with ANSSI-certified functions that provide a proven level of security. We are reassured by this confirmation from ANSSI and will continue to uphold our standards.”

We share ANSSI’s commitment and look forward to building and maintaining a trusted environment.

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