AEOS 2021.3

Increased openness and security with AEOS 2021.3

With AEOS 2021.3, we’ve deepened our support for open standards by implementing support for SSCPv2 and extending our OSDP support. You’ll now experience increased security with more options for password policies and improved IT compliancy with an upgrade to Java 11.



Open standards and transparent communication

By implementing support for the SSCPv2 standard, we’ve not only made AEOS even more open but more secure too. SSCPv2 uses data encryption and two-way authentication to ensure secure communication between reader and controller. And, unlike OSDP, SSCPv2 supports transparent readers, so you can now connect third-party or Nedap transparent readers to AEOS. As these readers keep card keys on the safe side of the door, they further help to secure communication between readers and controllers.


Easier file transfers

In AEOS 2021.3 we’ve extended our OSDP implementation to enable a new file transfer feature. It means you can now transfer files using the OSDP protocol. So you can, for example, send firmware updates or new configurations to readers via OSDP.


Ensuring IT compliancy

We’ve ensured Java applications continue to run reliably with AEOS 2021.3 by replacing older JAVA versions with JAVA 11 on the AEOS server. You can now use open-source OpenWebStart to open an AEOS Face such as the Graphical Alarm Handler (instead of using the Java Web Start launcher).


Customise your AEOS password policy

With AEOS 2021.3, we’re helping you to better ensure your AEOS system users are following your password policies in choosing strong passwords. Rather than selecting a fixed option such as ‘use strong passwords,’ you can now freely configure all password requirements according to users’ roles. And if your password policies change, you can easily update your password configurations in AEOS to reflect them.

Watch our release review video to learn more about AEOS 2021.3

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