AEOS 2021.2

Improve efficiency with AEOS 2021.2

In AEOS 2021.2, we’ve made lots of improvements to the AEOS interfaces to ensure they’re easy and quick to use and offer great functionality. These improvements span both the AEOS dashboard and the maintenance interface to help optimise the AEOS experience for everyone who uses it.



An even better dashboard

The AEOS dashboard already provided a smooth, easy-to-use experience for receptionists. AEOS 2021.2 brings further improvements to enable even more efficiency.

The new enhancements include:

  • QR codes can be printed straight from the dashboard.
  • And improved advanced search option.
  • Bulk editing now applies to free fields and locker templates.
  • The photo editor is more convenient.


More options for an easier 4-eyes functionality

With this release, it’s easier to use the AEOS 4-eyes functionality and it now offers even more possibilities. You can, for example, use different search options and default settings, and select entire carrier groups as 4-eyes hosts.

You can also now assign hosts in both the AEOS dashboard and the AEOS maintenance user interface.


Enroll biometrics direct from the dashboard

In AEOS 2021.2, you can enroll biometric identifiers straight from the AEOS dashboard, so you don’t need to switch to another interface. And you can do this whether you’re using biometrics for identification or verification.


Use free fields to trigger warnings

Another valuable new feature in AEOS 2021.2 is the ability to trigger warnings based on information in free fields. If, for example, you have a VIP visiting, a pop-up warning can alert your receptionist, so they know to give the visitor extra special treatment.

Or you may have to do extra checks on some visitors to meet regulations. If so, AEOS can trigger reminders.

Watch our release review video to learn more about AEOS 2021.2

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