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The Enterprise Programme is a progressive project rollout system managed by Nedap. A cost-effective, efficient framework for standardising security across all your buildings, it also gives the flexibility to future-proof your access control.

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Large, renowned companies are using The Enterprise Programme to easily implement, maintain and update AEOS (the access control system by Nedap) across multiple international sites. Nedap takes care of project management and local coordination centrally, with the support of local installation and service partners. And makes sure you’re protected by the best physical access control at all of your locations worldwide.


Ready to adapt to risks, trends and needs

The Enterprise Programme also ensures your access control is cyber secure, future-proof and secure by design, so it’s easy to adapt your system to future trends and risks. And it keeps your budgets in check while giving you a physical access control system that’s:

  • Unified internationally
  • Locally compliant
  • Always up-to-date

International standardisation without the stress

In today’s increasingly globalised, mobile business world it’s essential to unify your security internationally. But it can be extremely complex. You’re trying to standardise security across many buildings in many countries while dealing with different cultures, languages, laws, support centres and stakeholders. And you’re faced with projects that stretch for months. That’s why we developed the Enterprise Programme – it gives you full control and takes away the stress of streamlining global security.


Tangible commercial advantages

The key benefits of using the programme rather than handling a global security rollout internally are the ease of achieving both international standardisation, flexibility, scalability, cost efficiencies and faster implementation.


From local processes to unified global operations: how AEOS solved it.

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