AEOS & PSIM integrations

Data from the AEOS system can be easily transferred, displayed and managed in the world’s leading PSIM Systems. Incorporating these systems allows for an increase of global situational awareness, central command and control, and management reporting.

About Entelec

Our in-house developed open integration platform Sky-Walker can efficiently manage and monitor all your security, safety and comfort systems in buildings, multi-sites, cities and so on.
Backed up by more than 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of system integrated solution, our international team of 35 employees is focused on delivering a solutions that perfectly meets the customer’s needs.

Integrating Skywalker with AEOS

The communication with the access control system of Nedap is done via a driver module installed on the Sky-Walker communication server. This driver module only communicates with the Nedap server. All possible events and commands are handled over that interface.
Examples of the possible events and commands are: unlock door, door forced, door open too long, invalid badge, access granted, sabotage, intrusion and so on.

  • Tailor-made
    The look-and feel of our PSIM platform is completely customizable according to the wishes of the client. Think about the procedures, alarms, icons, backgrounds etc.
  • Integration is our profession
    Buildings are equipped with many diverse technologies, usually from different manufacturers. Aside Nedap’s technologies, it’s possible to connect all other subsystems like fire detection, CCTV, intercom etc. to Sky-Walker (with interactions).
  • User Rights
    The client can choose if an operator has access to certain doors, and what information is available to him or here, using our extended user rights.
  • Extensive alarm handling capabilities
Solution name Sky-Walker Open Integration Platform
Compatible with AEOS SocketInterface 2.2
AEOS version 3.1.1.x or before
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages All languages
entelec-hardware architecture

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