About STid

STid is the leading manufacturer of contactless security technologies, high secure solutions, approved by independent certified organizations. We safeguard millions of users in the business, governmental and industry sectors such as defense, healthcare, aerospace, naval, energy and IT, all through our worldwide 500 partners network.

STid invented the concept of instinctive security in 1996, with the most intuitive RFID-based access control readers on the market. As every industry is in constant evolution, our products are modular and scalable, to allow upgrades and new functions. Saving time and costs; Our solutions are based on ergonomic management tools and open technology.

Integrating STid with AEOS

Because enterprises today, need constant productivity improvement, users of PAC systems need steady convenient improvement while Security Managers need more security.

With the 2 following solutions, STid helps Nedap to meet these goals:

  • ARCHITECT readers
  • STid Mobile

ARCHITECT readers offer AEOS Users the future proof, most flexible and advanced security readers of the market. As users inside a security perimeter, face different identification situations, STid Mobile gives AEOS Users the possibility to identify themselves, with their mobile, using 5 different use modes, all with the highest security. Eventually, STid Solutions bring more security and more productivity to an AEOS customer.

  • Future proof & flexible readers
    Intuitive and dynamic, Architect® readers are based on a common smart RFID and Bluetooth® core to which various interchangeable modules can be connected, such as card reader, keypad, touch screen, biometric device.
  • Highest security
    EAL5+ security level to store your secret elements on the reader or even used transparently if you want all secret elements stored inside the security perimeter, with Architect readers you have the choice for the best security.
  • Autonomous & Independent
    Thanks to the STid Mobile ID® and app and the Architect® Blue readers, your smartphone turns into a virtual card you have at all times. It works alongside or replaces traditional RIFD credentials. Our Offline and Online architectures enable organizations to remain autonomous and independent with access rights management by creating locally or remotely a virtual card for users with Android™ phones or iPhones
Solution name ARCHITECT Readers & STid mobile
Compatible with Nedap AEOS 2021.2 or higher
Solution availability Eastern-Europe, Northern Europe, Southern-Europe, Western-Europe, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Northern-Africa, Middle-East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America
Product languages English, French, Spanish

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