AEOS & PSIM integrations

Data from the AEOS system can be easily transferred, displayed and managed in the world’s leading PSIM Systems. Incorporating these systems allows for an increase of global situational awareness, central command and control, and management reporting.

About Vidsys

Vidsys provides a transformational Converged Security Information Management (CSIM) software platform used to run operations centers for public sector agencies and leading enterprise organizations globally. Vidsys pioneered CSIM applications. Our award-winning Vidsys CSIM platform continuously fuses and instantly correlates vast amounts of data gathered from any number or virtually any type, brand or generation of physical security system or sensor, as well as from networked management applications.

The result is actionable intelligence that empowers decision-makers from a single organization or multiple entities – however geographically dispersed – to collaborate in real time. By leveraging mobile devices, the software also provides instant situational awareness and mission-critical intelligence to first responders, senior executives or other authorized parties.

Founded in 2005, Vidsys is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia with additional offices in Marlborough, Massachusetts, the United Kingdom, the Middle East and Brazil.

Integrating Vidsys CSIM with AEOS

The Vidsys Nedap connector supports the integration of Nedap access control systems with the Vidsys Converged Security and Information Management (CSIM) software. This integration allows events detected by Nedap managed sensors and card readers to be relayed to, and annunciated by, the Vidsys CSIM and permits CSIM operators to control devices that are connected to the Nedap system. The connector automatically maps Nedap event types to standard CSIM event types and translates Vidsys CSIM software command syntax to that of Nedap

  • Device Discovery
    When the proxy connects to a configured Nedap AEOS version 3.0.2 server, it discovers all available AEOS doors and readers and creates a proxied device for each one within the CSIM platform.
  • Real-time Events
    When the proxy establishes a connection with a configured Nedap AEOS version 3.0.2
    server, it subscribes for real-time AEOS notifications. These events are transformed to Vidsys CSIM events as soon as they are received and forwarded to the CSIM platform.
  • Proxied Device Commands
    Once the proxied devices have been discovered and added to the CSIM client directory, they can be dragged and dropped onto the CSIM viewer area and their commands can be executed. Commands vary depending on the type of device a proxied device represents. For example, a door has open, normal, lock, and unlock commands that can be executed from the CSIM client.
Solution name Vidsys Nedap AEOS Proxy
Compatible with AEOS version 3.2.0
Solution availability Western Europe, Middle East, North America
Product languages English, Brazilian, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Spanish

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