AEOS & Biometric integration

Important environments require secure measures. AEOS integrates with a multitude of biometric systems to cover these needs. With biometric integrations, one single system can serve both the enrolment and verification of biometric parameters and the storage, data backup and multi-site functionality of biometric IDs.

About TBS

Touchless Biometric Systems (TBS), Switzerland is a biometric sensor manufacturer and integrator, device manufacturer and system, solution and service provider.

TBS offers a complete portfolio of hardware and software for any biometric applications, embedded in a highly secure, powerful and flexible biometric infrastructure.

Up to date TBS has stationed several thousand installations in all continents throughout various industries and government institutions. References include more than three dozens of ministries, a Middle Eastern airline company, two German car manufacturers, a nuclear power plant, sensitive datacenters and pharmaceutical companies.

Integrating TBS with AEOS

AEOS-TBS access control supports every type of biometric devices from both worlds. Identification and verification, from cards to biometry. You can use it to control access to doors, gates, lifts, printers and more. You can also activate a range of access rules, such as anti-pass-back to prevent two people entering using the same card, or the four-eye principle to ensure there’s always more than one person present, with unlimited scalability in identification and verification methods, user numbers and functionality. It’s the most flexible access control solutions combined with premium biometric devices.

  • Security
    Both AEOS and TBS embed security in the technology and system development from the designing phase with expertise in high security projects.
  • Functionality
    The users can benefit from the powerful set of functionalities provided by both systems with no limitation on the number of doors and users in the system.
  • Flexibility
    Through the integration, Nedap and TBS offer the end users with all possible choices of current fingerprint recognition technology, namely: 3D Touchless fingerprint reader, 2D Optical fingerprint reader, 2D+ Multi-spectral and2D capacitive fingerprint reader. Besides fingerprint, more types of biometric technology will be included soon (3D Face and 2D Eye (Iris)). From AEOS’s side, the end users will benefit from the AEOS integration power, including VMS system, wireless locks, etc.
  • Support and Service
    AEOS and TBS provide global support and service
Solution name TBS
Compatible with AEOS version 3.3.2 and up
Solution availability Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East
Product languages English, French, German

More information about AEOS and biometric systems, download our whitepaper.

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