AEOS & Intercom integrations

Our intercom integrations enhance visitor experience as receptionists are now enabled to grant quick and accurate access to employees and visitors to any site. Guards will feel more secure, because they are provided with a rapid audio connection to the control room in an emergency situation. Integrating intercoms within AEOS accelerates your business’s processes; faster access to your premises and faster reactions in case of an event.

About Commend

From its founding in 1971, Commend grew from a small family business into a large, globally recognised player providing Integrated Intercom Systems. Today, our unique solutions are installed for the protection of people, buildings and assets throughout the world.

Integration of Commend Intercom Solutions has been hugely successful in many industry sectors. Intercom stations, modules and servers for integration of speech, image and data can be found in control rooms throughout the world for increased security. For example, help and emergency call points for transport solutions, controlling barriers in car parks and controlling lifts in buildings.

Integrating Commend intercom with AEOS

AEOS supports integration with Commend intercom. As a result, AEOS not only shows instantly who is at the door, but at the same time verifies this person via Intercom to enable subsequent controlled access.With this Commend intercom integration, a guard can see intercom conversations indicated on the Graphical Alarm Handler. This way, Intercom, video footage and access control are combined. It is possible to identify exactly who is at the gate, confirm why the person is there and provide controlled access. Incoming calls are directly visible for the guard, together with the video stream The guard can follow up on this call. When the guard is busy, the call can be forwarded to automatically another guard. The guard can accept the call and open the gate via the same video-supported control panel.

Solution name AEOS GAH Intercom Interface
Solution availability Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe,  Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Middle America, South America
Product languages English
Compatible with AEOS version 3.1.6

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