About FTF International AG

FTF International AG, headquartered in Zurich, was founded in 2019. It bundles previous activities in the field of face recognition and extends these to customer-specific solutions for marketing, retail and hospitality on the one hand, as well as for office buildings, construction sites and production facilities on the other hand. Our tailored solutions are based on face recognition technology, business intelligence and artificial intelligence.

About the integration

The integration between AEOS and FTF WORK allows users to provide access control based on the faces of the person. The direct integration withe AEPU controller provides off-line operation, in the case the AEOS server is not accessible.

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  • Integrated face recognition
    FTF WORK integrates to the NEDAP AEOS and AEPU to enable via Faces to represent virtual cards in NEDAP system.
  • Integrated photo enrollment
    FTF WORK quality checks and only saves biometric data and virtual card IDs
  • Biometric data deletion
    If user deleted from the NEDAP AEOS system, the biometric data also deleted (in line with GDPR regulations)
  • Fine tuning of camera stream processing
    It allows FTF WORK to optimally recognize persons
  • AEPU integration
    System is capable to run in offline mode, if the AEOS server is not accessible
Solution name FTF WORK – Nedap integration
Compatible partner products AEOS version 2019.2 or higher
Supported regions Eastern-Europe, Northern-Europe, Southern-Europe, Western-Europe, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Southern Africa, Northern Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, North America & South America
Product languages English