AEOS & Biometric integration

Important environments require secure measures. AEOS integrates with a multitude of biometric systems to cover these needs. With biometric integrations, one single system can serve both the enrolment and verification of biometric parameters and the storage, data backup and multi-site functionality of biometric IDs.


IDEMIA is the new home of Morpho biometric technology. With more than 40 years of experience in biometrics and over 4 billion fingerprints managed worldwide, IDEMIA is the undisputed leader in biometric security systems.
Our algorithms – consistently ranked #1 by NIST – and sensor technologies, combined with our end-product design and manufacturing expertise, make us the partner of choice for the most prestigious organizations. IDEMIA solutions, encompassing contact and contactless fingerprint, hybrid vein/print and facial recognition readers, have been deployed in more industries and tougher environments than any other vendor’s products.

Integrating IDEMIA terminals with AEOS

The AEOS MorphoManager biometric API adapter allows connecting the AEOS security management platform to the IDEMIA biometric access terminals. With this integration, one single platform can serve both the enrollment and verification of biometric parameters and the storage, data backup and multi-site functionality of biometric IDs.
The IDEMIA environment comprises the MorphoManager software, plus a range of compatible readers:

  • MorphoWave, a unique touchless 3D fingerprint terminal,
  • SIGMA Lite, SIGMA Wide and SIGMA Extreme, a range of touch fingerprint terminals,
  • MA VP, implementing hybrid vein and print technology,
  • VisionPass, an advanced 2D+3D+IR facial recognition terminal
  • High security and reliability
    IDEMIA biometric access terminals are acknowledged worldwide for their high level of accuracy and performances and their exceptional robustness.
  • Convenience
    IDEMIA terminals offer the best user experience through frictionless biometric verification
  • Flexible integration
    Works with the full range of IDEMIA biometric access terminals, whatever the biometric modality (contact/contactless fingerprint, vein/print, face)
  • Seamless user enrollment
    No need to enter user details twice: AEOS can send user details to the biometric management system when it enrolls user biometric credentials
Solution name AEOS biometric API adapter for IDEMIA biometric access terminals
Compatible with AEOS version 3.4
Solution availability Worldwide
Product languages English, Spanish, French and Arabic

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